The top single in Japan for the past week was “Sayonara☆Arigatou” from the Hottake Band (堀田家BAND) – the collaboration between Kamenashi Kazuya-kun and Tamaki Koji-san for the drama Tokyo Bandwagon. It sold 82,177 copies in its first week. It’s hard to figure out if that’s a good number for the pair or not. It’ll break 100k eventually, though, and that’s always good.

Momoiro Clover Z took #2 with “GOUNN” selling 77,581, which I believe makes it their best first week yet. Congrats to the group for their continuing momentum.

At #3, C-ute’s “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin” saw 63,764 copies sold, which looks like the best first week for them, too. Well done!

Kalafina’s “Kimi no Gin no Niwa” sold 37,259 at #4.

The second week of sales for AKB48’s “Heart Ereki” gave it 2.5% of first week sales – a remarkably weak follow-through, even for AKB. That added 30,868 to bring the single’s total to 1,234,454.

“ANNIVERSARY” from SID was at #6 with 21,431 copies sold.

Taking #7, Ieiri Leo-san’s “Taiyo no Megami” sold 17,332 copies.

Week two for “Colorful” from ClariS brought it to #9 with a phenomenal 14,419 in sales, making the singles’s total 53,865.

“Kakumei Dualism” from Mizuki Nana-san and T.M. Revolution crossed the 100k mark by selling 6,944 at #14 to push its three-week total to 103,582.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers saw their “Fuyu Monogatari” take #17 in its second week, getting its total to 73,831.

In its third week, Kinki Kids’ “Mada Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga/Koi wa Nioeto Chirinuru wo” dropped to #22, and now has a grand total of 198,020.

There’s that EXILE single which shall not be named – it was at #26.

There are still two AKB48 singles in the top 30 – “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” took #27 with a twelve-week total of 1,467,182.

At #29, Nishino Kana-san’s “Sayonara” sold 3,272 copies in its third week for a total of 32,962.

Taking a look at the album side and . . . am I reading this right? In the top 10 we have Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and Paul McCartney? Umm . . . did I get the wrong album rankings?

Nope – Japan is just experiencing a very, very mini and acutely temporary foreign invasion. Lady Gaga’s “Artpop” took #1 and sold 58,493. Avril Lavigne’s eponymous album sold 47,873 at #2. “Prism” from Katy Perry took #5 and has a three-week total of 33,749. Sir Paul’s “NEW” bounced up to #8 and its four-week total is 49,275.

Which just leaves two Japanese albums of note . . .

At #3, Akanishi Jin-kun’s “#JUSTJIN” debuted by selling 38,542. It’s a shame it couldn’t take #1 in such a dismal week.

Arashi’s “LOVE” took #4 with 22,636 copies sold to bring its total into triple-platinum territory – 754,501 after three weeks.