VS Arashi (VS 嵐) on Halloween! All the guys were in black this time, but I don’t think that was Halloween-inspired (Halloween actually tends to be a very colorful day of the year). Aiba-kun offered some quick Halloween thoughts, but the pregame talk involved all the members except Ohno-san (should I get a timer out to see how long it takes before he talks?).

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0002013.10.31 VS Arashi 0012013.10.31 VS Arashi 0022013.10.31 VS Arashi 003

The team opposing Arashi in this episode was a pack of comedians dressed up as soccer players in very authentic uniforms. I hope that means they plan on challenging Arashi physically as well as humorously. They were the Yoshimoto Around 40 team, representing the Yoshimoto talent agency, which is to comedy what Johnny’s is to male idols. So, this is a proper agency rivalry.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 004

The members were Chihara Junior-san, Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi, Koyabu Kazutoyo-san, and Garage Sale’s Gori-san and Kawata-san.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 005

The plus one guest added to the Arashi team . . . looked like she was ready for a concert or a dinner out rather than the kind of games played on VS Arashi. Ninomiya-kun pointed out that one team clearly looked more mobile than the other.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0062013.10.31 VS Arashi 007

Anyway, the plus one guest was gravure idol Dan Mitsu-san, who received a remarkable reception from the audience. That was striking since I had never heard of her, and doesn’t have any serious acting credits (she doesn’t even have a page on DramaWiki yet). Looking at her Japanese Wikipedia page, she only has idol credits for the past 2-3 years, and TV credits from the past year, so . . . I’m clearly missing something. Frankly, since she couldn’t be bothered to dress for the show, I think I’ve done too much research on her already.

The first game was Dual Curling (Ohno-san did the title call, so no need to keep the timer).

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0082013.10.31 VS Arashi 0102013.10.31 VS Arashi 011

Kawata-san, Chihara-san, and Daikichi-san battled Matsumoto-kun, Dan Mitsu-san, and Sakurai-san. It sure sounds like everyone is wondering how many point Dan-san will be able to score. I felt that Sakurai-san crossed a line, though, when he noted that the way she held the curling stick was reminiscent of a pole dancer. That’s . . . not the sort of comparison you usually give voice to the first time you meet a person – seems a bit rude.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0092013.10.31 VS Arashi 0132013.10.31 VS Arashi 0142013.10.31 VS Arashi 015

I get the strange feeling that the team chemistry is definitely favoring the Yoshimoto side.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0162013.10.31 VS Arashi 0172013.10.31 VS Arashi 018

The remaining members showed their skills in the second round.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0192013.10.31 VS Arashi 020

Nino-kun took the lead in roasting the Around 40 team. This time, though, the Around 40 team made more of an attempt to win the laugh battle, but the Arashi team had a special tactic once the game started and the Yoshimoto guys could only follow suit.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0222013.10.31 VS Arashi 023

Kicking Sniper was next. Dan-san’s shoes weren’t really suited for this, but she was up anyway. Aiba-kun and Ninomiya-kun joined her.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0242013.10.31 VS Arashi 0252013.10.31 VS Arashi 026

Will we have to rely on Miracle Aiba?

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0272013.10.31 VS Arashi 028

Well, this is a game the Around 40 team is definitely dressed for. Now, can they do their uniforms justice or end up embarrassing the Yoshimoto agency?

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 029

Hamanaru-san did his usual impression, but the real fun was with Chihara-san trying to seem like he was competent at soccer . . .

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0302013.10.31 VS Arashi 031

. . . and then with Dan-san picking which member of the Yoshimoto team was most her type. Are they going to ask her which Arashi member is her type later on in the show?

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0322013.10.31 VS Arashi 033

The third game was Shotgun Disk with Arashi up first. Aiba-kun passed to Ohno-san and Sakurai-san who then relayed the frisbees to receiver MatsuJun.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0342013.10.31 VS Arashi 0352013.10.31 VS Arashi 036

But with Aiba-kun doubtless primed to toss wildly, will MatsuJun net anything? They actually showed clips of Aiba-kun’s crazy throwing style after Matsumoto-kun expressed . . . a lack of confidence.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0372013.10.31 VS Arashi 038

The results were, of course, hilarious.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 039

For the Yoshimoto team, Kawata-san passed to Koyabu-san and Gori-san, who tried to get the frisbees to Daikichi-san.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 040

Why does it seem like the Arashi guys are winning the comedy battle, but the Yoshimoto team is winning the actual games? Well, this game might be a turning point – Daikichi-san doesn’t strike me as a particularly athletic type.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0412013.10.31 VS Arashi 042

Bank Bowling followed that. Ohno-san and Dan Mitsu-san were up, and it turns out they were in the same year in school (which means she’s also older than me – I should be more respectful!). It wasn’t until this part that they tried to clear up whether it was alright to call her “Dan-san”, which seemed like a surprisingly awkward moment for her, though I don’t understand why.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0442013.10.31 VS Arashi 0452013.10.31 VS Arashi 046

Matsumoto-kun and Sakurai-san tried for the spare. Did Ohno-san and Dan-san clear enough of the pins to make it possible?

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 047

Koyabu-san and Hanamaru-san took the platform for their team’s first shot at it . . .

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 0482013.10.31 VS Arashi 049

. . . and Chihara-san and Kawata-san attempted to clear the rest of the pins.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 050

Korokoro Viking was the concluding game, and the Arashi team was up first.

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 051

Will the orange zone combination of Dan Mitsu-san and Ninomiya-kun be able to avoid the -30 point slot?

2013.10.31 VS Arashi 054

I liked how Koyabu-san attracted attention by deliberately dropping the -san when referring to Matsumoto-kun, then used the opening to promote the movie they did together. Nice plug.

Anyway, the story of the episode was pretty straightforward – both teams got the audience to laugh, but at every turn I thought that the Arashi team did a better job of being funny. The opposing team, though, showed that wearing soccer uniforms does indeed help a team play VS Arashi games – at least, they did a better job scoring points than making jokes.

Dan Mitsu-san . . . who is she? Why is she here? I have no idea.

It was a good episode, and one that was very Arashi-driven, unlike most of the other episodes this year. The guests provided only a token amount of entertainment, the Arashi guys stepped up to inject the necessary fun into the proceedings. In the lead right from the start were Aiba-kun and Nino-kun – my favorite owarai combi – and they get the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi title for this episode. Between the two of them, I’d say Ninomiya-kun had the greatest contribution, but some of the best moments (especially the one during Shotgun Disk) involved exchanges between them.