The top single for the past week was AKB48’s “Heart Ereki” (ハート﹒エレキ), which sold 1,203,586 copies in its first week, which is within the rather wide expected range for AKB48.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE saw their “Fuyu Monogatari” (冬物語) take #2 by selling 67,939.

At #3, ClariS’ “Colorful” (カラフル) looks like it’ll be able to crack 50k, since it managed 39,446 in its first week.

“A Little Bit” from w-inds might also manage 50k in the long run. For now, it can boast 35,391 copies sold at #4.

TOKIO’s “Hontondoko/Future” took #6, selling 17,846.

In its second week, “Kakumei Dualism” from Mizuki Nana-san and T.M. Revolution was at #7, adding 15,863 copies for a total of 96,638.

“Mada Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga/Koi wa Nioeto Chirinuru wo” from KinKi Kids tacked on 15,449 at #8 to bring its two-week total to 193,797.

2PM’s “Winters Games” got #17 and now has a three-week total of 124,839.

I vowed not to mention EXILE’s “EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Koisuru Tame~” reaching seven digits, but no worries yet. Taking #18, its twenty-four week total is 996,898.

“Halloween Party” from Halloween Junky Orchestra keeps plugging away, selling 3,738 to get #22. Its total is 136,189.

Even as AKB48’s new single took #1, the group’s previous single is still hanging around. “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” was at #24 with an eleven-week total of 1,463,838.

At #26, “Utsukushii Inazuma” from SKE48 continues to go strong, too. Its sixteen-week total is 656,726.

In its third week, Kashiwagi Yuki-san’s “Birthday wedding” stayed in the top 30 at #28 with a total of 73,276 copies sold.

Rounding out the singles, Sexy Zone’s “Bye Bye Dubai ~See you again~/A My Girl Friend” barely made it in – taking #30. It now has a four-week total of 162,432.

On the album side, Arashi’s “LOVE” continued in the top spot, selling a reasonable 61,577 – around 9% of first week sales – to bring its two-week total to 731,865.

Kanjani8’s “JUKE BOX” grabbed #7 in its third week with 9,263 copies sold, pushing its total to 357,889.

Finally, “Superfly BEST” from Superfly popped back up from #11 to #8 by selling 9,206 copies, getting its six-week total within spitting distance of 300k – 299,385.