The top single for the past week was 2PM’s “Winter Games”, which also scored gold certification in its first week by selling 108,537 copies.

Kashiwagi Yuki-san took #2 with her “Birthday wedding” selling 65,376.

“Gogatsu no Hae/Last Virgin” from RADWIMPS was at #3, seeing 43,294 copies sold.

At #5, Porno Graffitti’s “Tokyo Destiny” sold 24,220.

Interestingly, “Halloween Party” from the collaboration group Halloween Junky Orchestra saw renewed interest – returning to #6 a year after its original release. In what is doubtless a Halloween-related surge, it sold an additional 22,846 to push its total to 123,745.

“Zange” from EXILE ATSUSHI & Hisaishi Joe-san took #8, selling 18,738 copies.

Sexy Zone’s “Bye Bye Dubai ~See you again~” had a slightly disappointing second week, finding itself at #11 with 10,693 additional copies sold to bring its total to 155,470.

Taking #14, Sound Horizon’s “Halloween to Yoru no Monogatari” tacked on a relatively strong 7,029 in its second week, getting its total to 53,735.

The third week of sales for NMB48’s “Kamonegikkusu” saw it at #17 with a grand total of 389,424.

AKB48 was right behind its sister group and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” has a nine-week total of 1,456,262.

At #19, E-girls’ “Gomennasai Kissing You” had 4,498 copies sold in its third week, bringing it to 83,423.

EXILE’s “No Limit” got #22, and now has 90,272 copies sold after four weeks on its likely way to gold.

There were two other sudden pops back into the standings aside from Halloween Junky Orchestra – a Fukuda Kouhei single hopped from #40 to #23 a year after its release, and a Mizumori Kaori single from April of this year went from #100 to #25.

Getting #28 in its fourth week, Not yet’s “Hirihiri no Hana” saw 2,133 copies sold to bring its total to 124,387.

In a shockingly weak showing, “HOT SHOT” by Generations from EXILE TRIBE went from #2 to #29 in its second weak, selling only 2,064 copies – less than 2% of first week sales – bringing it to 108,422. This is the worst second week I’ve seen except for that weird EXILE single, and altogether EXILE-related groups are setting new records (in a bad way) here, creating a new category below the -48 family second week sales.

On the album side, Kanjani8 took #1 with “JUKE BOX”, which scored the group’s best first week original album sales to date by a mile – selling 322,957 copies. There must have been some pent-up demand, since they had a compilation album last year.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get another chance to say this – Paul McCartney took #2 in the album rankings. Sir Paul’s fresh album, “NEW”, sold 22,817 copies in the Japanese market.

In its fourth week, “Superfly BEST” from Superfly was at #3, selling an additional 18,448 to bring its total to 276,118.

Perfume’s “LEVEL3” went from #2 to #6, selling 14,102 for a three-week total of 207,419.

Finally, only one of Nishino Kana-san’s “Love Collection” albums made it into the top 10 – “Love Collection ~mint~” was at #10, and now boasts a seven-week total of 265,162.