This episode of Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー) was all about Misaki, the new student we learned about in the previous episode. He’s already positioned himself as the leader of the anti-kamen teacher movement at the school, arranging for two fake kamen teachers to beat up some of the reformed delinquents and then having them take down the dark teacher – Kusanagi (Jesse).

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 000

Misaki takes credit for defeating Kusanagi himself as a way of winning mass support (otherwise I doubt the students would have the confidence to oppose the apparently invincible kamen teachers.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 001 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 002

Araki (Fujigaya Taisuke) tries to figure out what Misaki’s game is, but it looks like he’s just your typical demagogue. He takes a legitimate grievance people have, then convinces them that following him is the solution.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 003Kamen Teacher Ep 11 004Kamen Teacher Ep 11 005Kamen Teacher Ep 11 006

Araki doesn’t have any noble speeches prepared for this one, though he gives it his best shot by railing against violence.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 007Kamen Teacher Ep 11 008

Kusanagi is still bedridden, which means that he’s easy prey for Ichimura (Omasa Aya) who wants to talk to him more about his mother. Last time she tried to do that he was able to shout and walk away. No such luck here.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 009 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 010 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 011

On top of that, the bed-side cabinet is open so that Ichimura gets a glimpse of his kamen teacher helmet. So now she knows about his secret identity, which just makes her more insistent in her sermonizing.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 012 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 013 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 014

Has she managed to reach him, after all, or just make him depressed?

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 015Kamen Teacher Ep 11 016Kamen Teacher Ep 11 017Kamen Teacher Ep 11 018

Misaki is on a rampage . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 019

. . . and the classrooms are vacant as those who aren’t behind him are clearing out to make sure they’re not caught in the crossfire.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 020

You know, in retrospect it’s a shame that Bon (Kyomoto Taiga) and Kondo Kanako (Taketomi Seika) didn’t work together more as Araki’s support team. I think if they had worked as a pair and we had seen them trying to figure things out to tell Araki, that would have made me much happier with the character of Kanako. She definitely had her best scene here.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 021 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 022

Kinzo (Kikuchi Fuma) reveals that he might be responsible for giving Misaki a reason to return – Misaki wants revenge against him for a confrontation they had years ago.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 023Kamen Teacher Ep 11 024Kamen Teacher Ep 11 025

As a result of that fight, Misaki lost control of his gang, and because he had mistreated them, they used him as a target until he eventually killed one of them.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 026 Kamen Teacher Ep 11 027Kamen Teacher Ep 11 029Kamen Teacher Ep 11 030

I absolutely loved the moment where Bon spoke in awe of M4 and Kinzo ‘becoming one’ and then Kanako reminded him that he was a member of M4 (and therefore should be going forth with Kinzo).

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 031Kamen Teacher Ep 11 032

Another good moment: when a manic Masaki tries to rally his new minions against his own personal obsession – Kinzo – and they all look momentarily puzzled because they thought they were supposed to be opposing the kamen teachers. The actor who played Masaki did a fine job – wish I knew his name, but he wasn’t on the general cast lists because he’s only in three episodes.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 033Kamen Teacher Ep 11 035Kamen Teacher Ep 11 037Kamen Teacher Ep 11 038

And I thought the writers made a good decision in making his minions reluctant to engage with Kinzo. After all, they’ve known Kinzo a lot longer than they have Misaki.

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 039Kamen Teacher Ep 11 040

Does Kusanagi really think that he’s going to make a difference by beating these guys up? Or has he been inspired by Ichimura to play nice?

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 041

For that matter, even if he wanted go violent on them, would he be able to?

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 042

Oh wait, does Araki have his inspirational speech prepared now?

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 043Kamen Teacher Ep 11 044

Does this look like the face of a guy who’s going to be swayed by pretty words (especially since he’s so experienced with influencing other people with them)?

Kamen Teacher Ep 11 045

Well, you’re going to have to watch the episode to find out the answers to those questions and more!

As I already indicated, the acting from the guy playing Misaki was great and pretty much the focus of the episode. No problems with the rest of the acting, either.

Plot-wise, it was unavoidable that things should happen in this way, so no bonus points for that, but no demerits, either.

I’m somewhat disappointed that it looks like the teachers, principal, and administration aren’t going to face any retribution for the way they’ve handled things. With only one episode left, though, there’s no chance for anything like that unless they intend to save it for a movie or second season. As a result, it seems as though the people at the top have taken advantage of and manipulated Araki and Kusanagi without any consequences.