Unless they toss in a new conflict that they haven’t introduced, the only question left in Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー) is how Araki (Fujigaya Taisuke) is going to win over Kusanagi Keigo (Jesse). The writers decided to give us a batch of new delinquent students in order to further the plot to the point where Araki and Keigo came into direct confrontation. But not that those students seemed to have abandoned their evil ways . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 000

. . . I guess it’s unavoidable that we get a fresh batch of troubled students to help the plot along for the rest of the way.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 003

Seems like the new guy, Misaki Tomoya, isn’t completely unknown, though – Kinzo (Kikuchi Fuma) sure looks at him menacingly enough to guarantee that they have a history.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 001 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 002

It doesn’t take any time at all before Bon (Kyomoto Taiga) gives Araki the low-down on Misaki. In fact, Bon took Misaki’s position in M4 – the school’s four top delinquents – when Misaki left.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 004 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 005 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 006

The guy in charge seems to think that this will be a special challenge for the Kamen Teacher.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 007

Looks like it’s also one for Kinzo and Shishimaru (Kishi Yuta). Good thing Kinzo has that punching bag to work out his frustrations on, because I doubt the Kamen Teacher would appreciate him going on a rampage again.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 008Kamen Teacher Ep 10 010

Now, while they might try to get us to think that this episode is about how Araki deals with Misaki, that’s just a bit of misdirection – some script-writing sleight-of-hand. The real question is how this mini-conflict alters the situation between Araki and Keigo, and possibly between Araki and Kinzo.

After the opening title sequence finishes, we go straight into a Kinpatsu-sensei scene which seems superficial as usual . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 011Kamen Teacher Ep 10 012Kamen Teacher Ep 10 013

. . . but that’s all right, because Araki isn’t watching anyway. Saeko (Yamamoto Maika) is still being a bummer after finding out about Araki being the Kamen Teacher.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 014

While it sounds like Misaki actually killed someone, the teachers in the office seem to be willing to forgive that because he’s being diligent in their classes now.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 015Kamen Teacher Ep 10 016

As Araki points out, people can change, and he uses this as a way of getting the other teachers to see that it’s worthwhile believing in the students. Gotta feel like he’s being overly optimistic this time, though.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 017 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 018 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 019

The principal, though, is not so sanguine about the whole thing. He summons both Kamen Teachers at his disposal – Araki and Keigo – to tell them to keep an eye on Misaki. He has a profile of the student in front of him, and I have to wonder whether Japanese schools would really have an “Ability Score” triangle that rates students “Strength”, “Intellect”, and “Energy”. I don’t even though if its possible to rate Energy very well, much less Intellect, but while we’re making school like a role-playing game, shouldn’t there also be stats for agility and my two favorites – luck and charisma?

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 020 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 021

It also seems weird that those things and the names of the fields would be in English, including stuff like “Father” and “Mother”.  Oh, and that field that said “CODE” was just pure useless gibberish that don’t need to be in a profile.

Anyway, the principal orders them not to be merciful, but Araki objects, saying that Misaki has changed. I guess if he’s so sure about it . . . maybe the writers do intend for him to be right? Hard to say.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 022 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 023Kamen Teacher Ep 10 024Kamen Teacher Ep 10 025

It was interesting to see both Araki and Keigo in the principal’s office, but disappointing that Keigo didn’t push back against Araki’s optimism. Keigo’s ultimate “leave it up to me” might have been enough of a signal of his thoughts, though.

Araki and Ichimura have a little moment of reflection:

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 026 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 027Kamen Teacher Ep 10 028

But I’m waiting for the fun to begin. Why does it look like the Dark Kamen Teacher has messed up Kotaro (Maeda Goki)’s gang? I thought Kotaro was supposed to be on the straight and narrow now.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 029 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 030

Misaki stokes the fire a bit, and Kotaro looks pissed.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 032 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 033

Araki asks Keigo what he was doing, but Keigo says he didn’t do anything to Kotaro’s gang, though he certainly doesn’t mind that someone else took care of them.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 034 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 035Kamen Teacher Ep 10 036Kamen Teacher Ep 10 037

Of course, that’s a stupid way to look at things – people taking the law into their own hands are even more of a problem than the delinquents and criminals, because at least the delinquents and criminals know they’re doing something wrong when they’re violent. The vigilantes feel that they’re justified.

And now, Kotaro is looking for revenge and Ryota (Yanagi Shuntaro) is at his side.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 038 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 039Kamen Teacher Ep 10 040Kamen Teacher Ep 10 041

They hunt for the attackers in the same place Kotaro’s gang got beat up . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 043Kamen Teacher Ep 10 044

. . . and see this:

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 045

If those are impostors, they sure got the clothing down perfect. Unusually accurate, considering most people who meet either Kamen Teacher are likely to only have seconds before they get pummeled.

What’s going on?

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 046 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 047Kamen Teacher Ep 10 048

The students aren’t the only ones who are puzzled and speechless.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 049 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 050

Well, actually, there’s one student who seems to be saying plenty.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 052

Misaki is clearly aiming to instigate a revolt against the Kamen Teachers.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 053 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 054

So . . . what are the Kamen Teachers going to do about this?

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 056 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 057 Kamen Teacher Ep 10 058

Well, you’re going to have to watch to find out, because I’m going to keep the rest of the details out as spoilers.

Kamen Teacher Ep 10 059

I can say, though, that the situation doesn’t end with this episode, so to some extent I’ll have to withhold judgment.

I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Keigo seemed a bit weak when it came down to fighting in this episode. I thought the Kamen Teachers were supposed to be somewhat superhuman or at least highly-trained, but it sure didn’t look like it this time.

Otherwise, everything was pretty much as-expected after Misaki’s angle was clear. Hopefully we’ll get some real surprises next time.