The top single for the past week was Not Yet‘s “Hirihiri no Hana” (ヒリヒリの花), which struck gold in its first week, selling 107,578 copies.

EXILE’s “No Limit” thankfully managed to beat out “EXILE PRIDE” (though it wouldn’t have if it had come out last week), taking #2 with 75,132 copies out. “EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~” was at #3, selling 22,224 to push its twenty-week total to 938,350. It had better be a great song.

At #7, Shoujo Jidai’s “Galaxy Supernova” saw 11,578 in additional sales for a two-week total of 62,371.

“Time Machine Nante Iranai” from Maeda Atsuko-san went to #8 in its second week, selling 10,166 for a running total of 70,853.

With all the AKB-related releases in the standings, the mothership itself – AKB48 – saw its newest single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” retain #11, now boasting a six-week total of 1,439,517.

Yuzu’s “Tomo ~ Tabidachi no Toki~” was right behind at #12. Its two-week total is 34,933.

The pair that just won’t leave the top 30 actually got a new breath of life this week, as Amano Haruko’s “Shiosai no Memory” jumped all the way from #28 to #17 in its ninth week, and Linked Horizon’s “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” went from #27 to #23 in its twelfth week. The former now has a total of 152,342 and the latter has 217,667.

Nogizaka46’s “Girl’s Rule” might have a chance of crossing over the AKB48 single, after all. It was at #18 this week, and now has a thirteen week total of 447,243.

At #20, Southern All Stars‘ “Peace & Hi-lite” now has a eight-week total of 330,232.

“Melon Juice” from HKT48 took #22 in its fourth week. Its total is now 287,245.

In its third week, Domoto Tsuyoshi-san’s “Mabataki” found itself at #28 with a running total of 105,526.

Finally, just getting in there at #30, “Manten no Hitomi” from Hikawa Kiyoshi-san has 64,468 copies sold after five weeks.

Taking number one on the album side was Superfly’s “Superfly BEST”, which saw 156,556 copies sold.

VAMPS’ “Sex Blood Rock n’ Roll” got #2 by selling 31,533.

Nishino Kana-san’s twin compilation albums “Love Collection ~mint~” and “Love Collection ~pink~” fell to #7 and #8 respectively, adding 16,028 and 15,021 for new four-week totals of 242,015 and 236,836.

The Amachan album bounced back up into the top 10, taking #9 by selling 11,825 copies in its fifth week, bringing its total to 135,214.