The number one single last week was “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” (戀するフォーチュンクッキー) from AKB48, which saw a decent 1,330,432 copies sold. Unless there are circumstances that I don’t know about, I think it’s fair to look at this number as their new average and judge future singles likewise.

SHINee‘s “Boys Meet U” took #2, selling 88,737 copies.

At #3, the exhaustively-titled “Kimi ga Omoidasu Boku wa, Kimi wo Aishiteru Darou Ka” from V6 had okay results, selling 54,084.

NMB48‘s “Bokura no Eureka” caught a bit of a coattail bounce, going from #60 to #5 in its tenth week, adding 25,078 in sales for a new total of 541,005.

Coming in right behind, “Peace & Hi-lite” from Southern All Stars got #6 by selling 24,972 copies. Its three-week total is 289,451.

In a slightly disappointing second week, Kis-My-Ft2 “Kimi to no Kiseki” fell to #8, selling 23,368 copies for a total of 284,527. If it had managed a second week with 10% of its first week sales – just about 2,500 more in sales – it would have been at #4.

At #17, UVERworld‘s “Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB” did better than 10% in its second week, adding 10,869 for a total of 73,018.

Spending its fourth week at #19, “Shiosai no Memory” from Amano Haruko (really Koizumi Kyoko – Haruko is her character in the drama Amachan) now has total sales of 129,710.

Nogizaka46’s “Girl’s Rule” already popped up last week, and this time returned to #21 to bring its eight-week total to 420,216.

In its second week, “SURVIVORS feat. DJ MAKIDAI/Pride” by The Second from EXILE saw surprisingly soft sales, adding 5,496 for a total of 88,489.

After seven weeks, Linked Horizon’s “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” is still in there at #26, now breaking the 200k level, getting to 201,776.

The album side continues to look soft. At the top was Himuro Kyosuke-san’s 25th Anniversary album, which sold 62,061 copies.

That’s the only new album that crossed the 50k line for a mention, but I suppose I should add #2, Sukima Switch‘s “POPMAN’S WORLD All Time Best 2003-2013”, which had 35,100 in sales.

Maximum the Hormone‘s “Yoshuu Fukushuu” had held the top spot for three weeks thanks to the weakness of new releases, but dropped to #3 this time. It now has a four-week total of 229,664.

At #9, Ikimonogakari’s “I” can boast 189,928 in sales after five weeks.

Finally, the pop for Chris Hart’s “Heart Song” carried into this week as it added 7,165 copies sold in its twelfth week for a new total of 125,040.