ABChanZoo is a variety show featuring the Johnny’s idol group A.B.C-Z doing . . . well, I’m not sure how to characterize it yet. Since it’s only the second episode, the format is probably still a little fluid. For now, we get a performance followed by a location shoot where the group members procure food the hard way.

As in the first episode, the song they did wasn’t one of their own – it was Kondo Masahiko-san’s “Gin Gira Gin ni Sarigenaku”. I don’t understand why they’re not performing their own songs, and I won’t be satisfied that this is a proper platform for them until they’re allowed to promote their own work.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0002013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0012013.07.28 ABChanZoo 002

The A.B.C-Z guys did a great job of the performance, of course – I certainly prefer their singing to Matchy-san’s (no offense to the legend). And the audio is still very crisp – the vocals are clearer than in any Johnny’s performances I’ve heard in ages.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0032013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0042013.07.28 ABChanZoo 005

After a brief talk, a recap of the first episode, and the title sequence . . .

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0062013.07.28 ABChanZoo 007

. . . we rejoined the Yakushima trio (Goseki, Hashimoto, and Kawai). But first, a bit of a reminder of what Yakushima looks like, what it’s famous for (the cedar), and what they’re doing there:

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0082013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0092013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0102013.07.28 ABChanZoo 011

With a day to spend before they could do the fishing they needed to do, their host decided to take them around the island’s sights.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0122013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0132013.07.28 ABChanZoo 015

They went through all the sights pretty quickly instead of lingering. Does that mean there’s a lot of good content in this episode?

They encountered some of the local wildlife . . .

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0162013.07.28 ABChanZoo 018

. . . and found some things that look like turtle feet, but really aren’t.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 019

The place is apparently full of tasty shellfish, though that’s not the seafood they’re supposed to be after.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 020

They returned to their host’s home at 6 in the evening for a lavish dinner incorporating some of the stuff they found in the course of their sightseeing.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0212013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0222013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0232013.07.28 ABChanZoo 024

The main fish for the meal had an interesting – possibly cute – face:

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 025

Brace for a storm of “umai” and “oishii”.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0262013.07.28 ABChanZoo 027

This sure seemed like a feast – they’d better do some spectacular fishing the next morning to justify this treat!

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0292013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0302013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0312013.07.28 ABChanZoo 032

At the other end of Japan in Aomori, Totsuka-kun and Tsukada-kun have spent the day with garlic . . .

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0332013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0342013.07.28 ABChanZoo 035

. . . so their host decided so bring them to an onsen:

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 036

At least they’ve done some work to deserve this – unlike the Yakushima team.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0372013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0382013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0392013.07.28 ABChanZoo 040
Outside after the bath, they meet some fans – always a good scene.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0412013.07.28 ABChanZoo 042

And . . . they had dinner, too.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 043

But this dinner involved mayonnaise, cabbage, garlic, and farm-related food rather than seafood. It’s like two entirely different cuisines.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0442013.07.28 ABChanZoo 045

We got tons of food glamor shots:

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0462013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0472013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0522013.07.28 ABChanZoo 053

The show ended with Totsuka-kun and Tsukada0kun eating their dinner.

2013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0512013.07.28 ABChanZoo 0542013.07.28 ABChanZoo 055

So the pace was quick, but that was because they were trying to fit as much eating as possible in. If you like food and watching idols eat, this is the episode for you! Having just watched the Arashi ni Shiyagare special yesterday – where they had four meals in an hour – I really didn’t need more of this.

All the actual activity was in the first episode, and presumably the Yakushima team will have to do some work in the next episode. From my point of view, this one half-hour was mostly miss-able. Fans of the group will probably enjoy the scenes of the Yakushima trio out in the wild, and the Aoyama pair in the onsen and meeting the fans, but those ended up being rather brief.