I haven’t been able to review Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク) in a while because of the availability of the videos – this is the first episode I’ve been able to see since July 14th – so apologies to those who have been following these reviews.

The guest for this episode was singer and DJ SILVA-san. I don’t know anything about her, or whether she was the guest on the previous episode or not . . .

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0002013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 001

. . . but she’s a particularly appropriate guest for this episode, because the scenario is delivering a message (I think it’s supposed to be their first anniversary together) to a girlfriend during karaoke, and who better to comment on that than a singer and DJ?

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0022013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 003

This continues a method they adopted in the July 21st episode – selecting guests who might not be as famous as the guests in earlier episodes, but who would be able to give more constructive criticism so that there wouldn’t be a need for a VTR critique from a specialist.

As usual, I’ll go through the contenders in alphabetical order to obscure who got which place. You won’t have any trouble figuring out what song each of the members chooses, by the way – get a load of the font they used here:

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 040

Well, there’s no missing that. Fujigaya-kun looks a tad sleepy, but he picked a good ballad in which he was able to start out in a low voice and then build to a magnificent peak.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0412013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0422013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 043

Unlike the others, he actually had an exchange with Maiko instead of just talking to her. He also made sure to clasp her hands to convey his warmth before turning back to the song.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0452013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 046

There was also a special outtake for Fujigaya-kun’s clip, but I won’t reveal what that was about.

I didn’t recognize the song Kitayama-kun picked, but wow did he seem focused on singing it. He did a fine job with the vocals, but doing so seemed to distance him from Maiko. The way he held the mike and the way he leaned forward were also a points for comment from the judges.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0252013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 026

You can see what I mean from this angle:

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 027

That doesn’t make it look like he’s about to deliver a special message so her, does it?

When he got down to it, the judges found his message to her to be ordinary, bland, or weak. There wasn’t any feeling in it and it seemed rushed – as if he wanted to get it over with so he could get back to singing.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 029

Miyata-kun picked a Remioromen song. There was nothing noteworthy about his singing, but the judges were sure distracted by the way his body moved.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0302013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0312013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 032

But as is so often the problem with Miyata-kun, he laughs at inappropriate times – like when he’s about to deliver a touching message to his loved one. That just totally kills the mood. In a movie, the director would yell “cut” at this blooper and have them do it over.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 033

The first comment that popped on the screen for Nikaido-kun’s turn was that he’s a good singer, and I’d agree that, hearing his voice (something I have not often done), he was impressive. He has a similar range and intonation to Yamada Ryosuke-kun. It was a good song as well – “Hana” from Orange Range.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 004

He was getting good results with the judges . . .

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 006

. . . culminating in a deft hand-in-hand moment that drew the exclamation marks.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0072013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0082013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 009

Ultimately, I felt that the way he held her hand was key, since on so many earlier occasions, he had big mistakes on physical contact.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0102013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 011

Senga-kun picked a Hirai Ken song and I don’t particularly like Hirai-san’s high-pitched voice, so I can’t give good marks for the song choice. Senga-kun’s vocals were strained, but since the song was originally sung in a much higher register than he could manage, it was good that he didn’t sound worse.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0122013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 013

The way Senga-kun delivered his message seemed to flow well from the song – as if it could have been a spoken part of the song itself. I think that was key. Otherwise, he scooted in closer to her but didn’t hold hands or anything like that.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0142013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0152013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 016

Picking “AM 11:00” from the Okinawan group HY, Tamamori-kun might have had a miss right away – the song was too fast, and his voice was shaky. The first comment, though, was actually on the position of his pinky finger.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 021

The distance between him and Maiko and the fact that he didn’t make good eye contact (barely any eye contact, in fact) when delivering his message were more significant minus points for him. He also addressed her with formal respect language despite the fact that they were supposed to have been together for a year.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0222013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0232013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 024

Yokoo-kun picked the same song as Nikaido-kun – “Hana” by Orange Range – but unfortunately for him, he singing was . . . well, let’s just say it didn’t compare well to Nikaido-kun’s effort.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0342013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 035

I’m not sure why he was clutching the microphone so defensively like this when delivering his special message.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 036

Obviously, holding her hand would have been better, but the physical contact Yokoo-kun ultimately opted for made things much worse – he gave her a high-five! For their one-year anniversary! Even he had to laugh after watching the VTR.

SILVA-san really didn’t seem to contribute too much compared to guests in recent episodes, but part of that was because the discrepancies between the members were pretty clear and the members themselves did plenty of talking.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0182013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0192013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0372013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0382013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 049

After the main ranking, we got another iteration of the MyFeti (Myフェチ – my fetish) ranking, where the guest indicates the body part that she takes a special interest in (I suppose this segment will only come up when there are female guests), and the members are ranked by the judges based on that body part.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0512013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 052

SILVA-san picked the hand as her body part of interest.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 053

Here are some sample hands, without giving away whose they are. I can’t say I agree with the ranking at all. Unlike the main segment, the differences in these MyFeti segments are all too . . . superficial.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0542013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0572013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 059

I hope this segment doesn’t give the guys any complexes about their body. They sure seemed to get defensive.

2013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 0552013.08.04 Kisumai Busaiku 056

Altogether, I think the main ranking was good Busaiku fun, with very straightforward and easy-to-understand differences and an enjoyable setting in which to see them. I’d say it was better than average, simply because we got to see them each sing individually – something I haven’t seen much of at all. I remember a karaoke episode of HamaKisu (or was it KisuHama?), but otherwise I had only heard Fujigaya-kun and Kitayama-kun. I don’t even know if I’ve heard Tamamori-kun sing solo except in this episode and that one.

I’m not a big fan of the MyFeti segment, but it’s just a time filler at the end, so it’s not a big deal. If they put it at the beginning, that’d be a different story.

I hope I’ll be able to get the episodes a bit more regularly from here on.