The top single last week was Yamashita Tomohisa-kun’s “Summer Nude ’13”, which was just shy of 100k, selling 98,580 copies.

Despite benefiting from the 156 episode popular morning drama “Amachan”, “Shiosai no Memory” from Amano Haruko (really Koizumi Kyoko – Haruko is her character in the drama) found itself in second place with 77,757 copies sold.

Mizuki Nana-san’s “Vitalization” got #3 by selling a decent 61,648 copies – about average for her.

“Lady” from CNBLUE sold 42,169 to take #4.

In its third week, SKE48’s “Utsukushii Inazuma” is still in the top 10, taking #7 this time by adding 18,728 for a total of 623,978.

Nogizaka46 is still doing well, taking #14 with the fifth-week sales of “Girls Rule”. The single’s total is now 392,860.

Linked Horizon’s “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” is still chugging along, too. It got #16 by selling 9,600 to bring its four-week total to 182,379.

Also in its fourth week, EXILE TRIBE’s “Burning Up” was at #26. Its total is now 282,793.

Kobukuro fell from #3 in its first week to #28 in this week, with its “One Song From Two Hearts/Diamond” having a fairly weak second week, bringing its total to 67,184.

But Kobukuro’s second week wasn’t as bad as KARA’s. “Thank You Summer Love” fell from #2 to #29 and didn’t manage even a minimal 5% – adding 3,193 for a two-week total of 72,609.

Last in the top 30 was “Loveletter/Shigatsu no Ame” from aiko-san, which barely managed to pass my 50k requirement before exiting. I knew she could do it! The single now boasts 51,947 in sales.

Turning to the albums, Maximum the Hormone’s “Yoshuu Fukushuu” (予襲復讐) got the top spot by selling 157,057. I’m . . . quite surprised. I didn’t appreciate the numbers they could put up.

Ikimonogakari’s “I” dropped to #3 in its second week. It sold 38,351 additional copies to bring its total to 150,433.

“In a World Like This” from the Backstreet Boys stayed at #4 by selling 20,593. That album’s new total in Japan is 58,699.

In its fourth week, Amuro Namie-san’s “FEEL” lost one spot, going to #6 with a new grand total of 339,220.

Sada Masashi-san’s “Appare ~All-Time Best~” actually managed to gain a spot in its sixth week. How does he do it? It went from #9 to #8 by tacking on 9,300 to boost its total to 117,225.

Finally, “Hero” from Super Junior went from #2 to #9, adding a somewhat weak 8,861 to its total, bringing it to 111,085.