Just in case you’re wondering why I don’t make posts predicting these numbers ahead of time, last week in a reply to ryusenkai’s report (the extensive comment ryusenkai contributes regularly to these Oricon ranking posts) I said that I thought Kobukuro would do better than KARA in the singles, but Super Junior was more likely to beat Ikimonogakari on the album side. I was wrong on both predictions so . . . yeah – that’s why I don’t make prediction posts.

But first, SKE48′s “Utsukushii Inazuma” took #1 among last week’s singles, selling 94,577 more copies to bring its two week’s total to 605,250. This is way above expectations (a 10% second week for a -48 family group is spectacular, and this is close to 20%), so I’m sure there’s some story behind this result.

KARA took #2 as “Thank You Summer Love” (サンキュー サマーラブ) sold 69,416 copies. That’s roughly in-line with their last two singles, though a steady improvement over both, so it looks like they’ve found a new consistent range between 60k and 75k.

Kobukuro’s “One Song From Two Hearts/Diamond” ended up right behind with 63,734 copies sold. I think the top spot was stolen from them and I’m sticking to that story, so there!

At #4, “DARK RIVER/Eternally/Tokei” from GLAY saw 42,040 copies sold.

In its third week, Linked Horizon’s “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” continued to do well, taking #10 and selling an additional 13,922 to bring its total to 172,779.

“Girls Rule” from Nogizaka46 was at #11, now with a four-week total of 381,066.

At #17, aiko-san’s “Loveletter/Shigatsu no Ame” had a pretty average second week to reach a total of 48,801.

“BURNING UP” from EXILE TRIBE took #21 in its third week to push its total to 278,963.

Ikimonogakari’s “Egao” found itself at #23 in week 3, still going relatively strong by adding 4,692, bringing its total to 44,528.

Speaking of Ikimonogakari, they of course took the top spot on the album side with “I” by selling 112,082 copies. Naturally. Who could have doubted them?

And that left Super Junior’s “Hero” at #2. It still got gold on its first push, with 102,224 copies sold.

At #3, JUNHO from 2PM’s “Kimi no Koe” did fairly well, selling 61,241.

Do I have to mention the Backstreet Boys? Really? Okay – they were at #4 with “In a World Like This” scoring 38,106 copies sold. Their previous album sold more than 230,000 copies in total in Japan, so this number looks a bit light on first blush, but it might have an unpredictable trajectory.

The third week of sales for Amuro Namie-san’s “FEEL” brought it to #5 and to a grand total of 323,945.

Finally, Sada Masashi-san managed to do it – his “Appare ~All-Time Best~” broke gold before falling below #10 – taking #9 in its fifth week for a running total of 107,925.