In the May 27th episode of Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク), the members of the idol group Kis-My-Ft2 had to purchase underwear for a pretend girlfriend and have their approach and choice critiqued by a panel of 100 female judges around their age. That was a pretty good episode, though I couldn’t assess their efforts independently and I griped about what amounted to two underwear advertisements during the show.

The reason I mention that episode is because this one is very similar – except this time they have to pick out swimsuits for their pretend girlfriends. Is it perhaps too soon to try such a similar situation? Well, I’ll let that one pass for now in favor of a different question – will their experiences with the underwear lead them to better results with the swimsuits?

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 000 2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 001

We once again get the same sort of icon in the bottom left corner as we had in the underwear iteration:

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 002

The guest was Nanao-san (菜々緒). She’s the least familiar/famous guest who has been on so far, but there’s a good reason for her to be on for this episode in particular. You see, she’s a fashion model who would certainly be up on the latest trends and be able to critique their approaches. And I’ll just say up front that she was very good about talking about how they did, commenting avidly during the videos.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 003

As usual, they revealed the rankings in 3-2-4-5-6-1-7 order, but I’ll go through the members in alphabetical order to avoid giving the results away.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 004

Saying that he wants to get his girlfriend a present, Fujigaya-kun asks for a long one-piece outfit. The comments praised him for being able to convey what he wanted smoothly.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0112013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 012

He comes off as thoughtful about the decision, and certainly came up with a unique outfit.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0142013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0152013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 016

Kitayama-kun started off a bit nervously, but it was a natural and endearing hesitation rather than a shifty one. According to a comment, he came off as courteous.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 034 2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 035

He asks for something in white because that’s what his girlfriend likes.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 036

He discusses the choice with the shopkeeper well, but also explains his thinking as he develops his own idea.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0372013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0382013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 040

I honestly didn’t think Miyata-kun started off too badly – he certainly improved from his underwear episode performance – but the negative comments started flying quickly, so there were clearly cultural faux pas that I didn’t perceive. Certainly, the fact that he laughed after almost everything he said didn’t help.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0442013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 045

He didn’t properly explain what led him to his choice. He seemed to just point to it suddenly, and that was that.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 046 2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 047

Nikaido-kun started off the episode facing the usual condemnation for his poor record, but expressed confidence in this particular topic and his ability to present a new face. Certainly, he’s nice and casual as he walks in.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 005

He asks for a swimsuit with a mature feel because his girlfriend told him that’s what she wanted to wear. The fact that he started with what she said and not what he wanted was a key point.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 006

The other members commented that his approach was definitely fresh, which can only be a good thing. There were no glaring issues with his performance, which may be a first for him.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0072013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 008

So, did Nikaido-kun really succeed in lifting himself beyond the bottom three?

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 010

Senga-kun avoided the initial wandering he did in the underwear edition. It was weird that he asked for a summer-ish design – how else are swimsuits designed?

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 022 2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 023

And unfortunately it turned out he really didn’t learn his lesson from the first time – he rejected the shopkeeper’s suggestion and started looking around himself without giving a clear sense of what he was looking for. The inability to articulate what he was looking for really hurt him. He also lost points for mentioning his girlfriend’s name.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 024

I don’t know how to translate this . . .

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 026

. . . but it’s not good (妄想 – mousou = delusion). With such a huge negative against him, can Senga-kun keep himself out of the bottom three?

Usually smooth and innovative, Tamamori-kun entered the store with an unusual lack of energy – shuffling and slurring his words. He said that he planned to go the beach, and then to eat nearby, and . . . isn’t this already deviating too much from the point?

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 030

His manner was odd – he even said “whoa” at one point and consistently spoke as if he was nervous. Isn’t this unusual for him? Guess everyone has their bad days.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0312013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 032

Yokoo-kun got off on the wrong foot – approaching the storekeeper with an overly awkward and formal opening asking for a moment of her time. He went on to say, as Tamamori-kun did, that he was planning to go to the beach with his girlfriend and . . . it just all sounded very awkward. Honestly, I don’t even know Japanese fluently, but even I could tell thanks to the handy white text at the bottom of the screen that the words were being put in an overly cumbersome/nervous manner.

Rather than give any indication of what sort of style he was looking for, he just said he was looking for this year’s recommendation.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 027

Without question, his ability to communicate continued to be a problem, but can his choice of swimsuit rescue him?

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 028

We did get advertisements again, with the top three most popular outfits for summer 2013 (and that’s why it’s an ad – the summer isn’t over, so we can’t say what was really the most popular outfit for this summer) being highlighted. I won’t bother with putting the screenshots, but holy mackerel were these strips of cloth expensive! I guess I’m a frugal fellow (especially with respect to clothing), but can the most popular outfit really be 14,700 yen (around $147)? And can it really be that itsy-bitsy bikini there? Only at the store they got the information from.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 018

As I already mentioned, Nanao-san was great with contributing her own comments. She might have been the most engaged guest so far.

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0192013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0202013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0212013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 052

Next, we got a few minutes of a new segment . . .

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 051

. . . which was called the “MyFeti Ranking”. When I saw that, my jaw dropped. And yes, the “Feti” means “fetish”, so I hope this segment doesn’t go any further than this – behind their ears. I’m not going to include screenshots of all the members, but here’s a few as a sample:

2013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0552013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 0562013.07.14 Kisumai Busaiku 060

And yes, they really got the back of their ears ranked by the judges and with extremely thorough commentary from Nanao-san.

In short, the guest was great but the topic was mediocre and not one where it was easy to distinguish the different members. In fact, I’d say it was harder than in any other episode so far to figure out the gaps between the members. The new segment was . . . I’m not interested. I know KMF2 fans might be, though, so I’ll give the show’s staff credit for coming up with an idea that might appeal to the intended audience.

This is one episode where I’ll say it’s only worth watching if it’s subbed. Otherwise, it’s a yawner compared to most of the other episodes of this show.