This episode of Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク) was what they called a high-level deciding match – a playoff, if you will. As such, only the top three over the course of the series contended in two scenarios. Conveniently (I’m being a bit sarcastic here), the top three were the same three who are usually set forward ahead of the other four – Fujigaya-kun, Tamamori-kun, and Kitayama-kun. While the records of Fujigaya-kun and Tamamori-kun are clearly far ahead of the rest, Kitayama-kun could have easily been surpassed by Senga-kun after just one more episode, or Yokoo-kun in two. Perhaps we can hope for a less obvious top three next time we get this playoff episode (presumably after another season). For now . . . .

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0002013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 001

The guest was Ookubo Kayoko-san, who did the June 9th episode, but didn’t get a second episode. The guests usually do two episodes in a row because both episodes are recorded at the same time, as evidenced by the fact that they’re wearing the same thing in both episodes. Does that mean this episode was recorded with the June 9th episode and just shown later? Probably not, because Ookubo Kayoko-san is wearing something different. Of course, if they told her ahead of time that the two halves of her appearance was going to be separated by a month, she might have opted for a clothing change in the middle, but I doubt that’s what happened.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 002

So, most of the guys get to kick back for this episode . . .

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0032013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0042013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 005

. . . as all of the burden rests on the top three. The first situation was the smart way to deal with a girlfriend’s upturned skirt at a cafe after she just returned from the restroom. As with the fart situation in a previous episode, they went with a less embarrassing variation on this theme, since the girlfriend is well-clothed with tights underneath.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0062013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 007

I’ll go in reverse order of their current standings to change things up from my normal alphabetical order. So, we have Kitayama-kun first, who asked her to sit down and then whispered to her about the skirt. Seemed a bit panicky, but the judges seemed to think it wasn’t embarrassing and that asking her to sit down was a good move.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0112013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0122013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 013

Tamamori-kun just fixed the skirt straightaway without saying anything. This was the complete opposite in tone from Kitayama-kun’s, since it tried to make it seem like no big deal instead of getting panicked about it. Seemed like a good idea, but then when she asked what was wrong, he answered in an indelicate way.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0082013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0092013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 010

And what about Fujigaya-kun?

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0142013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 015

Well, instead of reaching from a seated position like Tamamori-kun did, he went right up to her to conceal the move, then fixed it while whispering what the issue was to her. A new analyst discussed what each of the three did right or wrong, and they all leaned forward intent on absorbing the tips properly.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0192013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0172013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 018

The analyst noted that all of them made mistakes, which was interesting.

Next, they got another challenge – to portray an ordinary and casual yet happy 100-second moment with their girlfriend (translating roughly here). It’s completely open-ended except for the time limit and the fact that they can’t do something out-of-the-ordinary like, you know, giving her an engagement ring.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0212013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 022

Kitayama-kun’s scene involved him getting ready for work early in the morning while his girlfriend was still sleeping.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 023

Kissing his loved one to briefly wake her up to say that he’s leaving, but not forcing her to do anything more was good.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 024

There were a few missteps on his way out . . .

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 025

. . . but he also left her a letter.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0262013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 027

How did this move work?

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 028

The others seemed impressed, though Kitayama-kun felt a tad embarrassed watching it.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0292013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 030

Tamamori-kun went much further – 100 seconds with him and his girlfriend in bed.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0312013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 032

Ookubo-san was really watching intensely here, and her reactions made it much more fun.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0332013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0342013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 035

Perhaps for the better, Fujigaya-kun didn’t do anything bed-related at all. His scenario involved seeing his girlfriend for the first time in a while, and giving her a little gift that he knew she wanted.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0382013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 039

As she admires the charm in the mirror, he gives her a hug, and then times the height of the scene perfectly.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0402013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0412013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 042

Once again, Ookubo-san’s reactions did a lot to help me appreciate the scene.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 044

As a last non-scene challenge, the three of them had to pick out presents for Ookubo-san for under 2000 yen.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0452013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0462013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0472013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0482013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 050

You can see what she got in the screenshots above, but I’ll avoid giving away who gave what or which gift she preferred.

2013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 0532013.07.07 Kisumai Busaiku 054

While KMF2 fans will probably enjoy this one, I actually prefer getting a laugh out of the epic fails over being in awe of the smooth successes, so it wasn’t a particularly engaging episode for me.

If there had been someone other than the usual three at the top – if Senga-kun or Yokoo-kun had snuck in ahead of Kitayama-kun – then at least I would have been able to root for them. But as it was, the whole thing felt too straightforward and well-anticipated. The surprises depend on member being in positions where they might not do well and neither the open-ended scenario nor the gift-giving part at the end offered any chance that these three wouldn’t do well.

So, count this as an episode for the fans of Fujigaya-kun, Kitayama-kun, and Tamamori-kun. I guess it’s fair enough to have one of those. The next episode has the members picking out swimwear for their girlfriend, which should be interesting. I’m still waiting for an episode that doesn’t revolve around the girlfriend, though, since we’re going to quickly run out of situations. As I’ve said before, there ought to be a broader range of ways for them to show they’re cool, and they need to find some of those by October.