Last week’s top single was “Burning Up” from EXILE TRIBE (Sandaime J Soul Brothers vs GENERATIONS), which easily surpassed the platinum mark, selling 263,625. I trust this is a legit number and they didn’t play any of the tricks we saw with that EXILE single, in which case this is an amazing result.

Linked Horizon took #2 with “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” (自由への進撃), also getting a phenomenal result with 129,110 copies sold.

At #3, Watanabe Mayu-san’s “Rappa Renshuchu” (ラッパ練習中) had the worst showing of any of her singles so far – 67,329 copies sold.

On the other hand, “Kanashiki Amefuri / Adam to Eve no Dilemma” (悲しき雨降り/アダムとイブのジレンマ) from C-ute scored the group’s best first week in 21 major label releases, selling 60,592.

In special coverage, Ikimonogakari’s “Egao” sold 31,324 at #5, Dreams Come True’s “Saa Kane wo Narase/Made of Gold” got #6 with 21,487 copies sold, and Gouriki Ayame-san’s debut, “Tomodachi Yori Daiji na Hito” didn’t get quite the support that I thought it would, selling 20,429 at #7.

Nogizaka46’s “Girl’s Rule” only managed a 5% second week, adding 17,656 to its total at #9 to bring its total to 354,794.

“Ahead/Replay” from VAMPS got a solid second week at #17 with 11% of first week sales. It’s new total is 55,946.

In its third week, “Issen-ichi Byou” from EXILE TAKAHIRO took #21 and is now within spitting distance of gold – a total of 98,922 copies sold.

Hey! Say! JUMP‘s “Come On A My House” was at #24, and its three-week total is 233,462.

Right behind, NMB48’s “Bokura no Eureka” can boast a grand total of 507,470 copies sold after four weeks

On the album side, Amuro Namie-san’s “FEEL” grabbed #1 convincingly, falling just shy of platinum with 247,689 copies sold.

The two Bump of Chicken compilation albums – BUMP OF CHICKEN I (1999-2004) and BUMP OF CHICKEN II (2005-2010) – took #2 and #3 respectively, adding 32,293 and 29,894 for totals of 205,005 and 198,156. Perhaps we’ll see them cross platinum before they fall below #10.

The third week of sales for “Nanda Collection” from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu remained very strong, with 20,733 more copies sold at #4, bringing the album’s total to 191,972.

May J.‘s “Summer Ballad Covers” actually gained a spot, selling an impressive 15,370 in its fourth week to push its total past gold, all the way to 108,391. I saw her on a recent Kanjani no Shiwake special, and she did a remarkable job with a cover of “Hanamizuki”.

Sada Masashi-san’s “Appare ~All-Time Best~” did even better – gaining three spots in its third week – from #10 to #7 – to get its total to 68,730.

I didn’t think he’d get above 50k before dropping out of the top 10, and he didn’t, but Chris Hart’s “Heart Song” got back up to #8 thanks to strong sixth week sales which mark a gain in traction, bringing its total to 74,470.

Finally, the two compilation albums from B’z straddled the top 10 line, with the 1999-2012 album at #10 and the 1988-1998 album at #11, now with five-week totals of 527,278 and 539,957 respectively.