Nogizaka46 took the top spot in the single standings last week in style. “Girl’s Rule” scored a whopping 337,138 in sales – almost 100k more than the first week sales of their last single and, to the best of my knowledge, beyond the total sales of any of their singles so far. Such a huge gap makes me suspect there were special circumstances around this single, but if there isn’t anything to skew the numbers then this is quite a showing from the group.

Speaking of things that skew numbers, EXILE got crazy numbers on “EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~” a few months back by pairing the singles with concert tickets (to the best of my understanding). Well, guess what? It’s back. The single jumped from #178 to #2 in its fourteenth week, with an additional 157,570 copies . . . handed out. It now has a total of 741,252. This is just a brazen attempt to rig the year-end results, and while I shrugged it off in April, I’m really annoyed now. Are they going to do this again in three months to surpass Arashi’s “Calling/Breathless”? Shouldn’t there be some mechanism to prevent this sort of chicanery?

At #3, VAMPS’ “Ahead/Replay” saw 50,058 in sales in its first week.

“Come On A My House” from Hey! Say! JUMP had a depressingly bad second week, adding 11,996 at #8 (5.5% of first week sales) for a total of 229,799. Well, what can I say? I got my copy in the first week. I just hope the single sees platinum before it drops below the top thirty.

Right behind at #9, EXILE TAKAHIRO’s “Issenichi Byou” sold 10,453 copies for a two-week total of 94,119.

NMB48 surpassed the double platinum mark with “Bokura no Eureka” selling 6,818 at #14 in its third week. The exact total was 503,853.

Holding on to #16, SMAP‘s “Joy!!” now has a five-week total of 378,826.

EXILE’s more standard single – “Flower Song” – was at #19 in its third week. It’s total is now 121,702.

At #20, “Namida no Kotae” from Kanjani8 tacked on 3,191 to bring its four-week total to 277,534.

“Endless Game” from Arashi took #23, falling one spot from last week. In six weeks, it has sold 543,415 copies.

AAA’s “Love Is In The Air” got #24 and, thanks to a weak second week, remained just shy of 50k with a total of 49,853.

Finally, at #28 in its third week, “Love& Girls” now has surpassed 50k for Shoujo Jidai. Its total is 50,927

The album side was all about compilation album pairs. BUMP OF CHICKEN took to top two slots with their two compilation albums – BUMP OF CHICKEN I (1999-2004) and BUMP OF CHICKEN II (2005-2010) – which sold 172,712 and 168,262 copies respectively.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s “Nanda Collection” continued with a spectacular showing, adding 45,165 for a two-week total of 171,239.

We also still have B’z’s compilation album pair at #5 and #6. “B’z The Best XXV 1988-1998” now has a four-week total of 528,103, and the 1999-2012 album has a total of 515,197 in sales.

May J.‘s “Summer Ballad Covers” is still doing great, gaining a spot with 18,538 copies sold at #7, bringing its three-week total to 93,021.

Then we had another pair of compilation albums from GACKT-san at #8 and #9. “Best of the Best Vol.1 – MILD-” actually beat out “-WILD-” – 16,942 to 16,326.

“Appare ~All-Time Best~” from Sada Masashi-san managed to pass the 50k line at #10, tacking on 15,826 in its second week for a total of 53,781.