In this Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク), the members of Kis-My-Ft2 had to show how they’d react when they heard their girlfriend fart for the first time. With the girlfriend understandably embarrassed, this situation calls for tact and any attempt at humor will have to be carefully crafted to avoid making the embarrassment worse.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 000

They had the perfect guest for this one – Sekine Tsutomu-san. He’s a classy comedian who’ll be able to tell where any ill-fated attempts at humor went wrong.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0012013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0022013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 003

As the scenario is introduced, the guys immediately started talking about how difficult it was. It doesn’t sound like any of them was especially confident.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0042013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0052013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0062013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 007

Even the king himself, Fujigaya-kun, sounded like he would be satisfied with anything in the top three, even though he needs more weeks at number one if he wants to retain the title.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0082013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 009
As an added bonus starting in this episode, they also had some experts weighing in on what the guys did. In particular, a counselor gave comments for each member. This is a great new element to add to the show, because I didn’t think the boys were getting adequate feedback to improve. Among the tips she gave, she noted the correct way to come into contact when consoling a person.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0192013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0202013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 021

Before discussing Fujigaya-kun’s performance, let me say that they managed to make this the cutest fart sound imaginable. I mean, it was such a cute sound that a girl really shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. If they really wanted to play the scene honestly, they should have made it a really shocking fart (cue the George Carlin fart jokes). This one made it too easy for the guys to be slick about it.

Anyway, Fujigaya-kun started of with a bit of a laugh and a charming smile when he heard it . . .

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0102013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 011

. . . but quickly pulled her down beside him so that he could reassure her properly. It was a great move, as expected from Fujigaya-kun. I also liked how he moved on to the magazine to show there wasn’t any reason to be concerned about the fart any further.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0122013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 013

Kitayama-kun’s initial look at the girlfriend was a bit accusatory, but he donned his smile quickly enough.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0282013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 029

The way he forced the girlfriend down to sit beside him was way too rough, though – remember how I said the counselor had a few words about this sort of thing?

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 030

But he really killed it for himself when, after it seemed like it was all over, he farted and made a comment that struck the judges as old – a Showa move – and embarrassing. Definitely uncool.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 031

Miyata-kun’s approach was, to put it simply, too artificial. There was no way someone could come up with it spontaneously. Worse, it involved him sniffing the fart and suggesting that there is such a smell could only make it more embarrassing for the girlfriend.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0552013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 056

He was trying to be too cute and ended up being entirely awkward. The way he hugged the girlfriend was too rushed as well.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0572013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 058

Nikaido-kun was a bit too slow to react initially and made the mistake of not having a smile on his face.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 024

He ultimately put on a good laugh and then followed up with a fart of his own. An interesting tactic since he seemed to pull it off better than Kitayama-kun did – will it work with the judges?

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0252013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 026

I’ll tell you what, though – Sekine-san loved this one, getting a real kick out of it. That shows Nikaido-kun had good comic timing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was cool.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 027

Senga-kun’s version had me scratching my head, actually, though there was nothing particularly wrong with it. I just thought it had an awkward feel to it. The biggest plus was that he said he was glad (and had a reason for being glad) and kept a close proximity to her.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0142013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0152013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0162013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 017

Tamamori-kun really has the perfect face for this one, because he has no trouble coming off as earnest.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0492013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 050

His key was noting how cute the fart was and asking to hear another. That made me happy, because it’s certainly the tact I would have taken after hearing a sound like that.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0512013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 052I think he also had a twist at the end that really impressed the judges. I’m not too sure what that was about, though.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0532013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 054

Yokoo-kun managed to make a silly comment even before the fart – he gave himself too much rope before prompting the girlfriend to get up.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 033

His initial manner with her was too brusque in both touch and tone. He came off as cold for a number of reasons, including lack of eye contact and body language.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0342013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 035

Also, he went on talking about it for too long, which made the little fart seemed like a big deal.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0362013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 037

This time, the boys got more advice than in any episode before, with the counselor’s comments even impressing Sekine-san.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0402013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0412013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0422013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0432013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 044

And, of course, Sekine-san was well-engaged and had plenty to say in his own right.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0452013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0462013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0472013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 048

After the main segment, we had a bonus Busaiku Mail segment, featuring humorous texting typos (apparently due to the wrong choice of kanji in the text).

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0612013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0622013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0632013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0642013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 065

After that, all that was left was a bit of wrap-up talk from Sehine-san.

2013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0662013.06.16 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 067

This episode was a bit more difficult in terms of identifying the differences between the members, but still manageable even without thorough knowledge of Japanese.

The topic was an excellent one, though I still with they had chosen a more genuinely embarrassing fart sound, just for the sake of amusement. The topic really seemed to test the guys this time – possibly because they couldn’t just copy a scene from a romantic movie.

I always enjoy seeing Sekine-san and it looked like he came ready to contribute. Even so, he was overshadowed by the new counselor for the show, and I look forward to hearing what she has to say about the antics of Kis-My-Ft2 in future episodes. This show has just gotten more instructive.