The number one single for the past week was “Come On A My House” from Hey! Say! JUMP, which sold 217,803 copies to take the top spot. That’s a bit under their established trajectory (I had 221k – 261k with a number around 233k as most probable), but it’s above the average for their last five singles (Arigatou drags the average down, but if you go further back, the average still remains fairly consistent around 210k). So, call it okay considering the title track isn’t quite on the level of “OVER” or “Super Delicate” in terms of the cool factor. I would have liked to see a first week platinum for their first single in over a year, but this is nothing to sniff at.

EXILE TAKAHIRO’s “一千一秒” (which I hope is read “Issenichi Byou”) took #2, selling 83,666 copies.

At #3, “Love Is In The Air” from AAA saw 47,210 copies sold.

Last week’s number one, NMB48’s “Bokura no Eureka”, saw a remarkably soft second week at #5. By selling 15,192 additional copies, it only added 3.2% of its first week sales – from a normal group I would expect around 10%, from AKB groups perhaps 6-8% because they’re so front-loaded. This single, of course, saw huge first week sales, but I was definitely expecting it to crack 500k this week and fell shy with 497,035.

Taking #9 in its second week, “Flower Song” from EXILE pretty much got exactly 10% of first week sales – 10,994 for a new total of 118,480.

Kanjani8’s “Namida no Kotae” sold 7,634 copies in its third week, which was good enough for #15 and to bring its total to 274,343.

Right behind at #16, SMAP’s “Joy!!” dropped only two spots, selling 6,266 for a four-week total of 374,385.

“LOVE & GIRLS” from Shoujo Jidai took #17, bringing its two-week total to 48,740.

WEAVER’s “Yume ja nai Kono Sekai” was at #20 with 4,439 copies sold.

At #22 in its fifth week, Arashi’s “Endless Game” now boasts a total of 540,641.

SUPER☆GIRLS’ “Tokonatsu High Touch” gained a few spots, finding itself at #23 in its third week with a running total of 82,259.

“OCEAN” from Tohoshinki reached a three-week total of 154,057 at #27.

On the album side, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu took number one with 126,074 copies of “Nanda Collection” sold. For a sophomore album, it compares favorably to the number on her debut.

SHINee’s “Boys Meet U” sold 56,215 copies at #2. This is their second Japanese album, and in this case the sophomore effort suffered a bit more of a drop – their first album got 71,666 in sales in the first week.

The “Galileo+” album produced by Fukuyama Masaharu-san and featuring Various Artists took #3, selling 50,290 to warrant a mention.

The two compilation albums from B’z – “The Best XXV 1988-1998” and “The Best XXV 1999-2012”  – took #4 and #5 with 40,615 and 39,169 copies sold respectively. Their totals are now 508,947 and 496,243.

“SECOND STORY” from ClariS was at #6 with 38,940 copies sold.

May J.’s “Summer Ballad Covers” had an impressive week at #8, adding 28,065 in sales for a two-week total of 74,483. That’s a better-than-50% follow up.

Last but not least, GReeeeN also had a good second week. Their “いいね!(´﹒ω﹒‘)☆” took #9 by selling 24,844 copies, bringing its total to 88,718.