The top single of the past week was Kanjani8’s “Namida no Kotae” (涙の答え), which came tantalizingly close to breaking platinum in its first week, selling 248,754 copies. That’s pretty much average for the group.

At #2 was Tohoshinki’s “OCEAN” with 140,872 copies sold. That standard for them, as well.

SUPER☆GIRLS took #2, with their “Tokonatsu High Touch” (常夏ハイタッチ) getting 75,937 in sales.

Itano Tomomi-san’s “1%” brought her a dismal 44,630 copies sold at #4. That’s half of what she managed on her second single, and only slightly more than a quarter of the number she sold in her debut. There’s no sugar-coating this one.

In its second week, SMAP’s “Joy!!” took #6 with a decent showing, adding 30,746 for a total of 358,251.

Arashi’s “Endless Game” was at #10 in its third week, selling 13,202 copies to bring its total to 529,418.

“Sayonara Crawl” from AKB48 found itself at #12. Its four-week total is now 1,933,454.

In its fifth week “Preserved Roses from T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana-san held on at #19, boasting an overall total of 155,721.

Kim Hyun-Joong’s “TONIGHT” fell all the way from #2 to #20, selling only 3,632 copies – around 3% of first week sales – to bring its two-week total to 119,441.

Rounding out the high-selling singles, 2PM’s “Give Me Love” took #21 in its third week. It now has a total of 151,841.

The album standings were topped by the two compilation albums from B’z – “B’z The Best XXV 1988-1998” and “B’z The Best XXV 1999-2012”. Their numbers were 385,760 and 377,290 respectively.

Far, far behind at #3, FTISLAND’s “Rated-FT” sold 32,354. The fact that #3 had less than a tenth of the sales that #1 and #2 managed is quite a gap.

And in this relative sales vacuum, Funky Monkey Babys’ “Last Best” actually went up a spot in the standings, going from #7 to #6. Its twelve-week total is 375,061.

Yazawa Eikichi-san’s “All Time Best Album” also managed to recover from #12 to #7, and it now has a five-week total of 156,678.

Momoiro Clover’s “Iriguchi no nai Deguchi” dropped from #2 to #8, adding 8,465 in sales for a three-week total of 91,613.

And at #10, “Mekaku City Records” from Jin is within spitting distance of gold, selling 96,408 in three weeks.