If you take a look up at the menu bar, you should see a new item next to “Variety Shows” called “Johnny’s Database”. Eventually, I plan to make a general talent database for all the people I mention in the articles on this site, but I’ll start off with this section. Under Johnny’s Database, there are four pages – Johnny’s Dai-senpai, Johnny’s Senpai, Johnny’s Juniors – Born 1993 or earlier, and Johnny’s Juniors – Born 1994 or later. These are just tables listing all the individuals I know in order of birthdate. I wanted to make the tables sortable by users, but it turns out that doing so requires javascript, and wordpress.com doesn’t like javascript, so that’s not an option for now. If you hover over Johnny’s Dai-senpai or Johnny’s senpai in the menu, you’ll see group profile pages that include pictures.

My plan for the Johnny’s Database is to have picture profiles for all the current members of the agency as well as any member who had more than five minutes of screen time on Shounen Club, whether they’re still with the agency or not. So far, I think I’ve got the debuted groups ready, and I’ve got info tables for all the debuted acts and juniors that I know about, but I haven’t finished with the pictures for the juniors, so I don’t have those profile pages up.

The division of the debuted individuals into “Dai-senpai” and “Senpai” groups is really just for my convenience and based on my own age – the Dai-senpai are all substantially older than me, while the Senpai are around my age or younger. It’s not meant to imply anything further – it’s just to keep the databases easy to manage.

By the same token, using Jan. 1, 1994 to split the juniors is arbitrary. It means that the older juniors are all roughly contemporaries with Hey! Say! Jump or otherwise older, and that they will all be at least 20 by the end of this year.

My main motive for constructing this database is to deal with the juniors and to figure out who’s who on Shounen Club. For now, I just put the basic identifying information – the stuff that’s easiest to find on the internet – and will plan to add more later. I hope this is helpful to other fans, as well.

If there are any omissions, mistakes, or changes that need to be made (as the juniors grow, their height will need to be updated, for instance), please either comment here or on the pages themselves. I’ll need all the help I can get to make this database as useful as possible.

Suggestions are welcome, but there’s a limit to the kind of information I’m going to include. I want to include all dramas and variety shows each person has participated in on their picture profile pages, but I’m not going to include stuff like favorite color/food/animal etc. I doubt I’ll include family details except in cases where a family member is also in show business. There are certain interesting facts – like if a member knows other languages or plays an instrument – that I will eventually want to include, but that’s a little way off yet.

I need particular help in figuring out which juniors have left the organization – sources are notoriously bad about making that clear because there’s rarely a clear announcement. Even if a junior has left, as long as they had Shounen Club appearances, they’ll stay in the database.

So yeah, this is one thing I’ve been working on in lieu of covering a full slate of dramas this season. It’s sort of a way to celebrate reaching 250k hits, as well.

By the way, if you have trouble reading stuff on this site because of the light text/dark background scheme, you can try tylerraiz.com, which has everything mirrored, and uses black text over white background for maximum contrast. I might also be able to implement the sorting on that version, since it’s not under wordpress.com, but there are still complications with that.