Last week in singles sales, AKB48 topped the charts with “Sayonara Crawl” (さよならクロール) selling a whopping 1,762,873 copies – their best result yet. Thanks to ryusenkai for explaining that the title is a swimming term in Japan. To be sure, this result sure bursts any talk that AKB is on a decline (and therefore the most obvious joke regarding the title). Even though this number comes with some asterisks – it was an election single and sales were phenomenally front-loaded – it’s a big enough spike to put me on notice and make me wary of any more talk of the group’s demise.

Tegomasu took #2 with “Neko Chudoku” (貓中毒 – Cat Addiction) doing remarkably well with 95,659 copies sold. Coming so close to gold in the first week (and being guaranteed it in the second week) is really a big deal for the duo (I think, but am not 100% sure, that this is their best first week result), and makes me wonder where they go from here.

At #3, Perfume’s “Magic of Love” sold 66,094. This is their weakest result since 2008.

SCANDAL’s “Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne” (會わないつもりの、元気でね) saw their best result yet, taking #4 and selling 32,533. I’ve sort of had a passing interest in the group, and maybe this is a good time to look into their work a bit more.

So we got three best singles this week (assuming I’m right about the Tegomasu one). That’s . . . a pretty amazing week.

Taking #8 in its second week, the collaboration between T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana-san – “Preserved Roses” – added 22,507 in sales to bring its total to 137,581.

There were four singles this week that didn’t meet my normal criteria for a mention, but I’m interested in keeping track of:

Ieiri Leo-san’s “Message” took #9, selling 21,058.

Ketsumeishi‘s “Tsuki to Taiyou” (月と太陽) was at #13 with 16,561 copies sold.

“STEP&GO/Candy Room” (STEP&GO/キャンディー﹒ルーム) from PASSPO☆ got #14, selling 13,169.

“Mirai” from Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san was right behind, selling 12,630.

Back to normal coverage, KAT-TUN dropped to #16 in their second week of “FACE to Face” sales. They tacked on 10,536 for a total of 142,389. So, even in their second week, they didn’t reach the 150k mark (their lowest first week result before this one was 150,944 for “White”), and at this rate they will have trouble getting over it even in their third week. This is not good. KAT-TUN needs some sort of booster, but I don’t know what that might be.

At #21, “Love You More” by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE added 4,713 to its total, giving it 79,359 after two weeks. In what is becoming sort of a theme, that’s a soft second week.

Sekai no Owari’s “RPG” took #24 in its fourth week, passing 100k with a total of 103,029.

The top album of the week was miwa’s “Delight”, which took #1 by selling 69,066.

Yazawa Eikichi-san’s “All Time Best Album” had a very strong second week, taking #2 by selling 35,664, pushing its total to 121,162.

Somehow, One Direction’s “Take Me Home” has popped back up to #4 in its 28th week, selling a suspiciously round 13,750 to make its new total 269,991. If someone has an explanation for this one, I’d be interested to hear it.

Getting #5, “Nice catch the moment!” from Naoto Inti Raymi-san had a very nice second week, tacking on 13,664, bringing its total to 53,832.

Funky Monkey Babys’ “LAST BEST” dropped two spots, hanging on at #8 with a nine-week total of 341,776.