This episode of Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク) featured Taka and Toshi as guests. The scenario the members of Kis-My-Ft2 played out was that their girlfriend was feeling down (because of a mistake at work), and they had to give her a kiss for encouragement. Yes, it was another excuse for them to kiss a girl. Other than a slight change to the format that I’ll mention, everything else was entirely normal.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0012013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0052013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0022013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 003

Normal, of course, includes the fact that the two lowest ranked members, Miyata-kun and Nikaido-kun, began the episode still wondering when they’ll get their day in the sun. Will it be this episode?

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0062013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 007

As usual, I’ve avoided giving away the rankings and will discuss the members in alphabetical order. There is a minor change to the order the ranks are revealed in the show – instead of going 3-2-1-4-5-6-7, they decided to go 3-2-4-5-6-1-7. I think it’s a mistake, since there’s a lot less suspense between one and seven than six and seven – at least, based on the way things have been going.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 021

Fujigaya-kun was smooth as usual, and I didn’t see anything wrong with his approach. His tone was consoling and gentle. The comments showing up on the screen from the 100 judges, though, seemed a bit over-the-top.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0422013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0432013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0442013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0452013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 046

Kitayama-kun’s approach had a problem from the very start – he sat on the bed instead of next to his girlfriend.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 028

His goal was the hug-from-behind . . .

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 029

. . . but hand placement eventually became a problem.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 030

Miyata-kun seemed to do a lot of talking that sounded like a rehearsed anecdote – like what a parent might say to a child. It wasn’t a heart-to-heart sort of approach.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0222013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0232013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0242013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 025

Of course, Nikaido-kun was the members facing the steepest wall.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0482013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 049

Unfortunately, his approach seemed almost deliberately bad. Who stands at a distance like that when they’re trying to console somebody?

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0502013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 051

Nikaido-kun’s tone was completely cold, too.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0522013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 053

He only really stopped standing in order to claim his kiss.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0542013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 055

Senga-kun managed to get the hug-from-behind maneuver right. Unlike Kitayama-kun, he started out next to his loved one to speak to her properly . . .

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0082013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 009

. . . then deftly moved to the bed to deliver the hug.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0102013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 011

Always adventurous with his approach, Tamamori-kun tried to cheer his girlfriend up with funny faces before swooping in for the kiss.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0142013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 016

Here’s a funny face sample he did in-studio:

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 017

I wonder how the 100 judges would have reacted if a different member tried that same tactic.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0182013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0192013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 020

I don’t really have anything to say about Yokoo-kun’s approach – I’d need subtitles to get an accurate sense of where he went right or wrong because the body language wasn’t clear.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0322013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0332013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0342013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 035

Is this a satisfied look or a disappointed one from Yokoo-kun?

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 037

Taka and Toshi rounded out the show with a bit of talk . . .

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0402013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0412013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 056

. . . and also a little photo corner where we got to see Taka-san’s coolest photograph.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0572013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0582013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0592013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 060

And there you have it.

2013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0612013.05.13 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 062

If it keeps going on like this, I’m going to run out of things to say. With more variations in the scenarios, I’m sure we’d also get more variation in who gets what rank, and that’ll make everything more interesting. Fujigaya-kun is clearly adept at romantic scenes, and as long as the skits end in a kiss, he’s tough if not impossible to beat.

Thankfully, I know that the next episode is something completely different, so hopefully we’ll see a side of BUSAIKU that we haven’t seen before. In this episode, it was starting to get a bit tedious.