The top single last week was KAT-TUN‘s “FACE to Face”, with 131,843 copies sold. That’s a bit lighter than their usual 150k, and probably outside what qualifies as a normal deviation for them.

The collaboration between T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana-san – “Preserved Roses” – was right behind, selling 115,074 copies, which is strong compared to their individual numbers.

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE was at #3, as “Love You More” sold 74,646. That’s about in-line with expectations.

In some special coverage (since none of them are likely to cross 50k before dropping below #30) . . .

“Sara Sara/Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru” (さらさら/僕はきっと旅に出る) from Spitz took #5, selling 23,023.

At #8, Sonar Pocket’s “Kataomoi. ~Rinaria~/Start Line!” (片想い。∼リナリア∼/スタートライン!) sold 12,881.

Dream5’s “Hop! Step! Dance” got #9 with 12,760 sold.

Continuing to singles hanging out from previous weeks . . .

“RPG” from SEKAI NO OWARI added 6,351 to its sales at #16 in its third week, reaching a total of 98,704.

Also in its third week, Sexy Zone‘s “Real Sexy!/BAD BOYS” tacked on 4,401 at #22, bringing it to a total of 156,104.

Rounding out the singles, Kanjani8’s Hesomagari/Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki” took #29 and now has a four-week total of 323,498.

In albums, Yazawa Eikichi-san’s “All Time Best Album” took the top spot by selling 85,498 copies.

Naoto Inti Raymi-san’s “Nice catch the moment!” took the second spot with a strong showing, selling 40,168.

At #3, Yuzu’s LAND added 14,107 in its third week, reaching a total of 131,928.

“Kaba” from Domoto Tsuyoshi-san sold 11,538 copies in its second week for a total of 88,978.

Funky Monkey Babys‘ “LAST BEST” held onto #6 boasting an eight-week total of 332,114.

Staying in the top ten in its fifth week, E-girls’ “Lesson 1” now has a total of 109,793.