Last week on “A.B.C-Z オーストラリア縦断 資金0円 ワーホリの旅” (A.B.C-Z’s working holiday trip through Australia with 0 yen), we enjoyed watching them work alongside crocodiles. With the guys no doubt taking it easy in this episode after reaping the reward for their labor, will they find some way to make it just as exciting?

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0002013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 001

Leaving their workplace, they’re still expressing pride at passing the $1000 mark and reflect on the need for cola.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0022013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 003

Spotting the sea, they shout ecstatically as usual. It’s still as inexplicable to me as ever why the sight of the ocean gets them so excited and impressed.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 004

Stopping to grab the much-needed soda, they get sidetracked by a dog.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 005

Well, when I say “they”, I mean everyone but Goseki-kun, who walked on ahead to buy it, but then ended up having to carry the five cans back.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 006

Tossing the cans to the guys, he decided to give Tsukada-kun a tough can to catch. Did Tsukada-kun manage to save the off-target Coke?

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 008

As they drink their sodas at the beach, they’re clearly taking this episode slow so far.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0092013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 010

They’re sort of in a reflective mood as they talk, but it’s only for a brief minute before they head out on the road again.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0112013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0122013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 013

The sunset is scenic . . .

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 014

. . . and while Totsuka-kun naturally has the camera out to record the beauty of it . . .

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 015

. . . Tsukada-kun has to don sunglasses because of the glare.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 016

They reach their berth for the night, and try to figure out how to do their laundry. Since they’re paying $58 for the night, they might as well take advantage of the facilities, right?

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0172013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 018

But Goseki-kun declares the machines “dame!” and they end up hand washing their laundry in the sink. It looked like they were only doing some tee-shirts, anyway. Their drying methods were . . . vigorous.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0192013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0202013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 021

Back in the van, Kawai-kun and Tsukada-kun were cooking crocodile meat and pasta. Surely, a feast for kings.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0222013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 023

The meal met with broad approval from the members, who scarfed it down in about five minutes flat.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0242013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0252013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 026

After getting some much-needed sleep, they get up before the dawn to hold their planning conference outside.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 027

Tsukada-kun, who clearly takes the lead on planning the recreational activities, wants to aim for the Great Barrier Reef.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0282013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 029

They head out with the sun rising and Totsuka-kun recording every moment of it.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0302013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0312013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 032

The particular part of the Great Barrier Reef they plan to encounter is off the coast of Agnes Water . . .

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0332013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 034

. . . where there are plenty of ships ready to take them out.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 035

Unfortunately, as we’ve already seen, the cost of recreational activities in Australia is substantial. This time, it was more reasonable than the whitewater rafting they had to turn down – the ticket price was $180 apiece for snorkeling plus a lunch buffet. That would take their savings from $1073 to $173.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0362013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 037

But while with the whitewater rafting they didn’t have to money to all do it, this time they did have the money, so they went for it.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0382013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 039

The guys were in the back of a ship that had what looked like at least twenty people.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0412013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0422013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 043

Among the activities offered on this voyage was a close-up look at the local aquatic life . . .

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0442013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 045

. . . and, of course, food. Since it’s free (or, more accurately, they’ve paid for it already), they had better get as much in their bellies as they can.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 047

Unfortunately, the soda is not free – tea, yes; coffee, yes; soda, no. The guy who informed them of this made a hilarious move to comically block the refrigerator, but I didn’t get that screenshot.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 048

Got a few of them enjoying the snacks and coffee.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0492013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0502013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 051

Then they head onto one of the little boats that takes them out to the uninhabited islands.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 052

It has a clear center to passengers can get a good look at the coral.

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 053

That’s it for this episode – we’ll see what they do at Lady Musgrave Island in the next episode (which has already aired, but isn’t available yet from my usual source).

2013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0552013.05.06 JJ ABC-Z Trip 057

Even though not much happened in this episode, A.B.C-Z managed to keep it reasonably engaging. Somehow, despite all the hard work they had to do, they brought remarkable energy to this episode, literally bouncing around when they weren’t sipping soda at the beach.

Otherwise, this was a transitional episode, moving them from the crocodiles to the corals. We’ll see what they make of this adventure in the next episode. Will it be worth the hard-earned money they spent on it?