Kis-My-BUSAIKU (キスマイ ブサイク) is a variety show featuring the members of the idol group Kis-My-Ft2. The members try to prove, by demonstrating how they’d handle various situations, that they’re cool instead of, as the title conversely suggests, unappealing.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 000 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 001 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 002

The guest for this episode was Yahagi Ken-san, who was also the guest in the last episode, and presumably both episodes were recorded at the same time. At least, Yahagi-san is wearing the same thing.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 003

As usual, the pressure is on Nikaido-kun, who can’t lift himself out of sixth or seventh place. As before, Yahagi-san takes the opportunity to play around with him, referring to him and Miyata-kun as second stringers.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 005 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 006

This time, he and the others will have to demonstrate their way of ending a relationship (including the reason for doing so). That’s extremely language-heavy compared to last episode’s situation, so I’ll try my best to give a fair assessment, but anyone with limited Japanese abilities (including myself) will have a tough time appreciating the differences between the members.

As usual, there will be 100 women judging and commenting on their performances, and the show starts with the one they ranked third.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 007

I, however, will not start with the one they ranked third, because I don’t want to give away the outcomes. Instead, I’m going to go in alphabetical order by their last name, which means starting with Fujigaya-kun.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0152013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 016

Fujigaya-kun is, of course, the perennial favorite. He started out with a bit too much smile on his face, I thought, and it had barely left his lips before he said he wanted to break up. Unlike some of the others, he said that before giving any reason. But he had barely started speaking before the little bubble comments started complimenting him, calling him polite and earnest, so the good old Fujigaya charm seems to be intact.

He does have good eye-contact:

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0172013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 018

Ultimately, his reason was that he had fallen for someone else, so he was going with the straightforward frankness tact.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 019

While Kitayama-kun’s way began with some characteristic touches, he settled down quickly into a very solemn tone and downcast eyes as he explained that he doesn’t want to get married. The problem is: why doesn’t he want to get married? I think he left things a bit too vague and unsettled for the judges.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0232013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 024

I don’t think anyone was more blunt than Miyata-kun, but while some of the others could be taken to be honesty, I’m afraid there’s no denying the fact that his tone was insensitive and dismissive.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 025

It was sort of a shock to see the woman still sitting there after his opening lines. It ended up just giving Miyata-kun a chance to dig his hole deeper, as even Yahagi-san was going “eh!” and calling the approach a bit dangerous.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 026

And, in fact, Yahagi-san turned out to be totally right, but you’ll have to watch to find out why.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0272013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 028

I didn’t understand Nikaido-kun’s reason at all, even though they wrote it at the bottom of the screen. It seemed to be something about hating/disliking on purpose, but I couldn’t see what that meant in context. Based on what he did right at the end, I think Nikaido-kun had pictured a really cheesy romance scene and tried to act it out instead of really approaching it realistically. In particular, there was no indication of him looking at the girl as a real person rather than another actor playing a character.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 032 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 033 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 034

Senga-kun comes off as hesitant but earnest. In his explanation, he says the relationship has grown cold. He led up to the point in good form and, when he came to the point, it was straightforward, and his former partner understood pretty much right away.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 008 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 009 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 010 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 011

Tamamori-kun’s tact was to come straight out and say honestly that he’s fallen for someone else. That’s certainly daring – will the 100 judges reward him for that quick honesty?

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 012 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0132013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 014

First, Yokoo-kun seemed to be way evasive and uncertain, but then, when he got the line about wanting to break up out, he came out with a flood of stuff plus sniffles. While for other members they put the reason, for him they put something about using an indirect expression, which probably indicates that he was being too evasive for the reason to be ascertained. Not a good sign.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 029 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 030 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 031Afterward, Yahagi-san debriefed them a bit . . .

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 021 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0222013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 0382013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 039

. . . and then they went on to the Kakkoii Danshi Audition segment, in which the members got to decide whether various entrants are worthy of replacing an existing member of KMF2.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 040 2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 041

I didn’t think too much of this entry . . .

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 042

. . . but the next one, Shimamura Hayato-kun, had a brilliant plan to win votes and an eerily fresh face.

2013.05.06 Kis-My-BUSAIKU 043

At the risk of seeming too obvious, let me say: at least they weren’t kissing this time.

Actually, it was pretty good. I wish I had subtitles plus translations of all the comment blurbs from the judges to get a really accurate view of things, but it wasn’t as hard to see the differences as I at first thought it would be. Body language conveys a lot, as do all the reactions.

As a writer, I’m actually finding this show really instructive in terms of figuring how different characters would approach the same situation. It’s rare to get this kind of parallel comparison beyond vague archetypes.

It’s also going to be interesting rooting for Nikaido-kun going forward. Seeing him playing Hiroshima’s top fighter in Bad Boys J presents such a wonderful contrast to the image of him we see in this show, it’s quite amusing to follow both shows at the same time.