In a stunningly weak week in the rankings, the top single was fripSide‘s “sister’s noise”. Selling 27,275 copies, it normally wouldn’t have qualified for a mention here, if not for the fact that it took the top spot.

Going all the way down to number 7 before finding something crossing the 50k line, we find “RPG” from Sekai no Owari, which added 13,171 to its total in its strong second week, bringing it to 92,353.

At #8, Sexy Zone‘s “Real Sexy!/BAD BOYS” sold 12,840 for a two-week total of 151,703. That’s close enough to 10% to be considered average. “Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu” sold 9,308 copies in its second week, so while there may still be complicating factors, it’s safe to say that this is a genuine bump up for the group, and a recovery from the low produced by “Sexy Summer”.

Kanjani8’s “Hesomagari/Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki” took #13, now boasting a three-week total of 320,277. With this single still in the standings, the news is that the group will be releasing its next single on June 12th, so they’re doing that same oddly tight release schedule thing they did last year.

Fukuyama Masaharu-san was at #17, with his “Tanjoubi niwa Masshiro na Yuri wo/Get the Groove” tacking on 4,384 for a five-week total of 144,789.

“Maji LOVE 2000%” from ST☆RISH got #17, selling a total of 66,356 in three weeks.

Taking #22 in its fifteenth week, SKE48’s “Choco no Dorei”now has a grand total of 671,623.

SMAP’s “Mistake!/Battery” was back in the mix again at #24. It now has an eleven-week total of 217,954.

The top album of the week was Domoto Tsuyoshi-san’s “Kaba” (カバ), selling 77,440 copies.

Yuzu was right behind at #2, selling 28,487 of “LAND” for a two-week total of 117,821.

At #4, “Stranger” from Hoshino Gen-san tacked on 10,715 in its second week for a total of 53.596.

“Lesson 1” from E-girls crossed the 100k mark in its fourth week, adding 9,910 to get to 103,883.

Funky Monkey Babys is still in it, of course. Their “Last Best” album only dropped one spot in its seventh week, spending the week at #6, now with a total of 324,931.

Finally, Golden Bomber’s “The Past Masters Vol.1” was at #9 with a three-week total of 137,272.