The top single for the past week was “Hesomagari/Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki” (へそ曲がり/ここにしかない景色) from Kanjani8, of which 295,076 copies were sold. It’s an excellent number for Kanjani8, surpassing all but the Eight Ranger single, which was rather a special situation, and “Musekinin Hero” from 2008.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “SPARK” took #2, selling 67,392 copies in what was a softer performance than what they saw in their past two singles – a bit of a step back from the improving numbers they were seeing.

At #3 was ST☆RISH with “Maji LOVE 2000%” selling 50,845.

CN Blue‘s “Blind Love” was right behind with 47,577 sold.

After that, the standings were uninteresting until #11, where the Morning Musume single “Brainstorming / Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai” added 9,856 in its second week to bring it total past the gold threshold to 103,893.

Fukuyama Masaharu-san got #12 with his “Tanjoubi niwa Masshiro na Yuri wo/Get the Groove” seeing third week sales of 8,654 for a total of 134,485.

“Suki! Suki! Skip!” from HKT48 took #19 in its sixth week, bringing its total to 277,001.

Nogizaka46’s “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” was at #24 with a seven-week total of 297,828.

Arashi‘s “Calling/Breathless” held on at #28 in its eighth week, now with a total of 871,334 copies sold.

“Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu” from No Name was one down from that, managing 60,327 in sales after three weeks.

In albums, Golden Bombers got #1 with “The Past Masters Vol. 1” selling 113,891. They’ve sure been making the rounds promoting it.

At #2 was “Lesson 1” from E-girls, adding a strong 19,888 in its second week for a total of 77,225 copies sold.

Behind it, “Funky Monkey Babys Last Best” continued to perform well for Funky Monkey Babys, tacking on 16,969 in its fifth week to break 300k – getting to 300,047.

NMB48‘s “Teppen Tottande!” popped back into the top ten in its ninth week, taking #4 by selling 14,060 more copies, pushing its total to 397,653.

Finally, at #7, Momoiro Clover Z‘s  “5th Dimension” sold an additional 8,622 copies for a three-week total of 208,892.