In “A.B.C-Z オーストラリア縦断 資金0円 ワーホリの旅” (A.B.C-Z’s working holiday trip through Australia with 0 yen), we last left the idol group A.B.C-Z in the dark of an Australian summer night desperate for fuel. They still have some money left from their first job, so that’s not a problem – they just need to find a gas station that’s open.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0022013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 000

They’re 52 km from Townsville – their destination – so they probably can’t make it with the gas they have left.

Fortunately, they spot a gas station in time, but then the question is how much gas they can afford. With $198 left, and the need to keep $70 for a camping spot, they decide they’ll have to forego a $30 dinner to keep enough buffer after getting $100 worth of gas.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0032013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0042013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 005

Kawai-kun volunteers Hashimoto-kun for the duty of pumping the gas. In his first starring role of the series, Hashimoto-kun manages to hit $100 exactly while also engaging in the kind of banter expected from a gas station attendant. Good job!

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0062013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0072013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0082013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 009

They managed to get a berth for the night in Townsville for $60. For dinner, they broke out the bread and SPAM. You have no idea how happy I was to see them going for the SPAM, which is underrated in terms of what you get when you trade-off quality for convenience and reduced cost. Not the healthiest of meats, of course, but a good addition to noodles. Hashimoto-kun was responsible for making the dinner as well, and I think he got high marks.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0102013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0112013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0122013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0132013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 014

The next morning, they had to get to work at the zoo (Billabong Sanctuary), which meant preparing themselves for possible animal mayhem.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0152013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0162013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0172013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 018

Right as they entered the staff gate, they spot a pack of kangaroos. The guy in charge seemed a bit more easygoing than the car wash guy, but he seemed more particular about making sure they didn’t waste time – giving them four minutes to get into their uniforms.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0192013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 020

Their first responsibility was to rake the paths, clearing them from debris to make the place presentable. Kawai-kun tried to talk to the camera for a bit, but couldn’t get away with it for long.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0212013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0222013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 023

Meanwhile, Tsukada-kun and Totsuka-kun had to carry branches of grey gum – eucalyptus punctata – for the koalas to eat. Koalas are, of course, extremely fussy eaters.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0242013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 025

That was easy compared to the raking the other three had to do. Kawai-kun, Goseki-kun, and Hashimoto-kun were all feeling the downside of not getting proper meals. Fortunately, they made it through and got celebratory elbow-bumps from their leader (I think her name was Sarah).

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0262013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 027

Tsukada-kun and Totsuka-kun continued to get the cushy jobs, feeding the koalas and cleaning up the area. Lots of cute koala footage here.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0282013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0292013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0302013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 031

To their delight, the five members not only got a lunch break, but they also got fed:

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0322013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 033

Hamburgers are always welcome. During the meal, their employers/hosts asked what they do in Japan (as if the video cameras and translators didn’t give it away) and Tsukada-kun once again gave his amusing “we are idols . . . we are very famous” spiel. It never gets old.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 034

To prove that they’re really famous idols, they decide to perform for their employers (think of it as dancing for their meal). I have to say that Kawai-kun looked a bit iffy at the start, but it got smoother once the acrobatics kicked in.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0352013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0362013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0372013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 038

The show editor decided to speed through their remaining work, which largely consisted of cleaning and preparing food for the animals. They had to slow it down when the time came for Hashimoto-kun to carry a wombat, though. It had the best expression of delight on its face (which you’ll have to watch to see).

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0392013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 040

Finally, at four-thirty in the afternoon, they got their pay. I’ll leave the amount out as a surprise for those who haven’t watched since the director is so careful to give no hint of it until the end even though it must be agreed upon before they start work.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0412013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 042

While thrilled after successfully navigating their second job, the members decide to do a little reality check. They’re near the end of day three, but they’ve only covered a tenth of the total distance to Sydney. If this is going to be anything like the other Johnny’s Journeys, taking around ten days, they need to get a move on. So, they decided not to stay any longer in Townsville, though they still stopped for a six-pack of soda.

2013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0432013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0452013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0462013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0472013.04.22 JJ ABC-Z Trip 049

I think it was a nice, solid episode. Anytime a half-hour variety show can get koalas and wombats in with idols dancing, we’ve got to call that a good show, right? There certainly weren’t any dull moments – if there had been, they could have given more time to the kangaroos. I bet there’s tons of great animal-related footage that won’t even make it into the DVD.

On another positive note, it looks like Hashimoto-kun got a boost in this episode. Now, what about Goseki-kun?