The members of Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji kicked off this episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) by each mentioning something tasty they ate recently. If only more variety shows got through the obligatory mention of food so quickly at the start of the show . . . .

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0002012.10.17 Maido Jani 0012012.10.17 Maido Jani 0022012.10.17 Maido Jani 003

The topic this time is again one that the hosts are definitely ready to talk about (and I hope they keep the topics that way) – Kiriyama Akito-kun(桐山照史), probably best described as the leader of the Kansai Juniors.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0042012.10.17 Maido Jani 0052012.10.17 Maido Jani 0062012.10.17 Maido Jani 007

And they got a great guest to talk about Kiriyama-kun with them – their elder in the Kansai Juniors, Muro Ryuta-kun (室龍太). This is an encouraging sign, meaning that the people in charge of the show don’t mind going in-house into Johnny’s to find appropriate guests. A lot of the time, there seems to be an urge to find an adult chaperone – any of the generic talents or comedians who populate panels on Japanese TV – who might not be a useful addition to the show. It looks like Maido Jani is avoiding that pitfall.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0082012.10.17 Maido Jani 0092012.10.17 Maido Jani 011

Kaneuchi-kun shows off a picture he took with Kiriyama-kun  at Shounentachi ~Jail in the Sky~ in September.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0122012.10.17 Maido Jani 013

Mukai-kun explains that they’re going to talk about the Kiriyama-kun that only they know, and Onishi-kun started off with his own views of his senpai.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0142012.10.17 Maido Jani 0152012.10.17 Maido Jani 0182012.10.17 Maido Jani 019

But really, those were too obvious for Muro-kun, so he piped in, calling Kiriyama-kun a bit of an old man (an uncle, actually – oji-san). I didn’t get his reasoning for this.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0202012.10.17 Maido Jani 0212012.10.17 Maido Jani 0222012.10.17 Maido Jani 024

After that, they showed a VTR of comments from some of the usual Kansai Junior suspects – Kotaki-kun, Hamada-kun, and Kiriyama’s long-standing partner in entertainment, Nakama Junta-kun.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0262012.10.17 Maido Jani 0272012.10.17 Maido Jani 028

Naniwa Oji was a bit less forthcoming than usual (no doubt nervous about saying the wrong thing about such an admired figure in their own circles), and eventually Muro-kun prodded them a bit so Nagase Ren-kun stepped up to give his views about his senpai.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0312012.10.17 Maido Jani 0322012.10.17 Maido Jani 033

Kaneuchi-kun and Muro-kun handled most of the talking this time, but Nishikata Daigo-kun also chipped in when it came to these pictures of Kiriyama-kun stretching.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0352012.10.17 Maido Jani 0362012.10.17 Maido Jani 0372012.10.17 Maido Jani 038

That was when Mukai-kun popped a nasty surprise for Muro-kun, asking Muro to do something that Muro-kun didn’t want to do. I didn’t understand what it was, only that Mukai-kun tried to claim it was a surprise to him, that Muro-kun pointed out that Mukai-kun had a booklet of prompts so there was no way it could have been a surprise, and that Kaneuchi-kun told Muro-kun “ganbare!”

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0392012.10.17 Maido Jani 0402012.10.17 Maido Jani 041

The reason why I didn’t know what it was is that they cut to a VTR of the rest of the usual suspects giving their opinions about Kiriyama-kun. This time, it was Fujii Ryusei-kun, Kamiyama-kun, and Shigeoka-kun (who needed some camera aiming help as his eyes occasionally got cut off and the view seemed aimed at his chin).

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 042

There was another photo of Kaneuchi-kun and Kiriyama-kun, but this one was a lot funnier:

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0432012.10.17 Maido Jani 0442012.10.17 Maido Jani 0462012.10.17 Maido Jani 047

Finally, the man himself, Kiriyama-kun, got a word in via VTR.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0502012.10.17 Maido Jani 051

Mukai-kun tried a bit more to get the Naniwa Oji guys to speak up, with some success . . .

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0522012.10.17 Maido Jani 0532012.10.17 Maido Jani 0542012.10.17 Maido Jani 0572012.10.17 Maido Jani 059

. . . then it was Show Time, with Naniwa Oji and Kin Kan performing Sexy Zone’s “Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu”, A.B.C-Z’s “Zutto Love”, Hey! Say! Jump’s “Super Delicate”, and Kis-My-Ft2’s “She! Her! Her!”.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0602012.10.17 Maido Jani 0612012.10.17 Maido Jani 0622012.10.17 Maido Jani 063

The one thing I’ll say about the performance is that their voices were clearer than ever. Otherwise, I’d rather see more complete performances instead of snippets of songs, and I hope doing the most recent song from each of the four most recently debuted Johnny’s groups doesn’t become a pattern. Two at a time is sufficient.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0642012.10.17 Maido Jani 0662012.10.17 Maido Jani 0702012.10.17 Maido Jani 0712012.10.17 Maido Jani 073

I think this episode had some good energy in it, but I really wished they had interviewed Kiriyama-kun and the other people in the VTRs directly – you know, going up to them reporter-style. They did it with Sexy Zone, so I was surprised not to see it here. The show was way too studio-bound, and was definitely the weakest episode of the first three.