Is it just me, or is this the season for police detective shows? I mean, there’s Iryu Sosa 3, Doubles, and Kakusho, all with high ratings and we could probably throw in Galileo 2 though in that case the police person is not the detective. Oh, and Otenki Oneesan. For people who like the genre (and I do), it’s tough to decide how to divide my time. I’ll be watching the first episode of each and also looking out for subtitles. Vulcan300 at d-addicts got the first episode of Galileo 2 subbed, but I’ll probably have to wait until the weekend to watch it. Kasuka na Kanojo is being subbed at top speed by anolibb. It looks like Aoky16 will have Kazoku Game up, and that’s the one I was most concerned about. Otenki Onee-san got the thumbs-up from nyababan, who already has the first two episode subs up. Super Saiyan has Kakusho with the first episode up. So far, no love for Iryu Sosa 3 or Doubles.

The shows I’ve included in this list are the ones that I’ll at least give a one-episode try. So if you’d like to know my criteria for including them here, there you are.

The ratings presented below are from much more complete articles on TokyoHive – the latest one of which is available here.

Prime Time Shows

Galileo 2 – (01) 22.6%

Doubles – (01) 15.8%

Iryu Sosa 3 – (01) 14.6%

35-sai no Koukousei – (01) 14.7%, (02) 12.9%

Kazoku Game – (01) 12.0%

Kasuka na Kanojo – (01) 11.8%, (02) 10.2%

Otenki Oneesan – (01) 11.9%, (02) 10.1%

Kakusho – (01) 10.9%

Machigawarechatta Otoko – (01) 08.8%, (02) 06.0%

Late Night Shows

Bad Boys J – (01) 2.5%, (02) 2.2%, (03) 3.1%

I’ve already started reviewing Bad Boys J, and plan to keep up with it better than I did with last season’s drama in that slot – Shinryochu.

Other than that, I’m not committing to anything until I get through Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou. Once I finish that, I plan to do a whole series review of Share House no Koibito, then I’ll pick a second series. I’m going to give every series a chance before I do so, though cast considerations suggest Kazoku Game and Kasuka na Kanojo have an advantage.

I’ll end up doing something on Galileo 2, but I don’t know whether it’ll be a whole series review or episodic. It sort of seems redundant to highlight a drama that anyone with a passing interest in dramas would probably know about. Still, I haven’t been satisfied with the quality of mysteries among the dramas I’ve reviewed so I’m still eager to find a good one, and I think I should cover at least one of the detective dramas.

Anyway, I’m planning on another heavy-viewing weekend and aim to get more fully involved in this season before we hit May.

If you’ve watched any of the series listed above, please contribute your thoughts, since doing so will help other readers to decide what’s worth watching.