At the beginning of this episode of Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment), Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) gets a call about his father’s condition worsening, but he can’t bring himself to go to the institution to visit.

Shinryochu Ep 11 000Shinryochu Ep 11 001

His wife Kanae (Sakai Miki) tries to comfort him. Is she being inconsistent, or is she just continuing to think of him as the troubled one – the one who really needs counseling.

Shinryochu Ep 11 002Shinryochu Ep 11 003

Speaking of counseling, Ryo has to deal with a patient he hasn’t seen in a while – Tanaka Shun (Takada Sho). Last time they met, Tanaka confessed to wanting to burn something – possibly his house, possibly something else – particularly in response to his parents contemplating divorce.

Shinryochu Ep 11 004Shinryochu Ep 11 005

This time, he starts on an entirely different topic. He says he had sex with Rui, who is in the middle of an apparent love triangle with him and Toma, though the configuration of the triangle is a tad complicated.

Shinryochu Ep 11 006Shinryochu Ep 11 007

Ryo turns the topic back to what they ended with the last time, and wonders if Shun still wants to try hypnotherapy.

Shinryochu Ep 11 008Shinryochu Ep 11 009Shinryochu Ep 11 010Shinryochu Ep 11 011

But perhaps Ryo can just work the magic he did in the last episode and somehow get to the answers just by drilling Shun with the right questions (because there’s not enough time left in the series to get down to the resolution any other way . . . ).

Shinryochu Ep 11 012Shinryochu Ep 11 013Shinryochu Ep 11 014Shinryochu Ep 11 015

Well, Ryo does in fact work that magic, and gets to the answer so fast you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. I won’t tell Shun’s story here, of course – you’ll have to watch it for yourself – but I will say that it makes sense, and deals with something that hasn’t been dealt with in the other subplot resolutions we’ve seen.

Shinryochu Ep 11 016Shinryochu Ep 11 017Shinryochu Ep 11 018Shinryochu Ep 11 020

I don’t know if I should call this a resolution, though – it seems like Shun will probably continue to need some psychiatric help.

Shinryochu Ep 11 022Shinryochu Ep 11 024Shinryochu Ep 11 025

Next up, Ryo has a much-needed talk with his daughter Tomoka. It’s at her insistence – she even tried to add her name to his schedule and offered to pay him for his time. That’s . . . pretty sad.

Shinryochu Ep 11 026Shinryochu Ep 11 027Shinryochu Ep 11 028

It’s pretty obvious what she’s having trouble with – her parents – but it’s interesting to hear her take because what we’ve seen of Ryo and Kanae has been choppy at best, and we haven’t gotten a clear sense of what’s going on between them.

Shinryochu Ep 11 029Shinryochu Ep 11 030

Kanae has been losing points with the audience the past few episodes, but the balance shifts again her. You’re going to end up taking a dim view of how Ryo treats his daughter. In fact, it’s so obvious that it’s not the right way for a father to act, we have to wonder why he acts that way. Perhaps he can’t show proper affection to his children because of his own experience with his parents?

Shinryochu Ep 11 031Shinryochu Ep 11 032

Whatever it is, the series doesn’t have much time left to tell us.

Ryo rushes off to his next appointment, with is with Rui – the girl Shun said he slept with. This is the first time we’ve seen a storyline covered in both halves of the show, so something must be up.

Rui was expecting that Shun would be in the office as well, and she looks very distraught.

Shinryochu Ep 11 033Shinryochu Ep 11 034Shinryochu Ep 11 035

It turns out Toma, the third member of their triangle, committed suicide. Ryo’s take on this is . . . odd, but perhaps helpful for Rui in her current phase of grief.

Shinryochu Ep 11 039Shinryochu Ep 11 040Shinryochu Ep 11 041Shinryochu Ep 11 042Shinryochu Ep 11 043

Or maybe it’s just a reflection of Ryo’s own psychology.

Shinryochu Ep 11 044Shinryochu Ep 11 045Shinryochu Ep 11 046Shinryochu Ep 11 047

The concern is now for Shun, who might also be at risk for suicide.

Shinryochu Ep 11 052

But we don’t see Ryo jumping into action on that point. Instead, we see his session with his mentor Miyama (Asano Yuko) next.

Shinryochu Ep 11 053

Here, we get a very vivid picture of Ryo’s feelings about his father.

Shinryochu Ep 11 054Shinryochu Ep 11 055Shinryochu Ep 11 056

This part is as disturbing as anything we’ve heard from the kids.

Shinryochu Ep 11 057Shinryochu Ep 11 058Shinryochu Ep 11 059Shinryochu Ep 11 060

There’s a redeeming quality to it, though, as Miyama makes a very good point about the way memory works.

Shinryochu Ep 11 062Shinryochu Ep 11 063

Altogether, I wasn’t satisfied with the way the Shun session went – the old issue with the way they have to keep things short to fit it in – but I consider the fact that they didn’t wrap up the Shun plot in this episode as positive. It looks like this is the one they’re going to carry through to the end alongside Ryo’s own issues.

I expect that the writers do not intend to resolve any of the plots neatly, but to indicate that the characters will just go on living with the problems that they have, though perhaps their experiences during the course of the twelve episodes will have moved them forward a bit. In that way, it’s certainly realistic, though I’ve never believed that people sit in front of a television to see reality. The saving grace for the series is the fact that they’ve managed to make it realistic and engaging at the same time, which is only possible in extremely tense situations (if you’ve been following the news from Boston this week, you know what I mean).

Okay, final episode review imminent. Thanks to yanie02 at livejournal for subbing the entire series!