While initially showing promise, Kodomo Keishi (コドモ警視) is starting to show the same grinding repetitiveness that Kodomo Keisatsu did. As usual, they start by showing us who the culprit is:

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 000Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 001

I still don’t understand why they do that, and wish they wouldn’t. Just once, they could skip showing us. Worse, what they show him doing has to be the lamest crime they’ve covered to date – he was drawing long nose hairs on pictures in a textbook.

The initial classroom scene is normal as well.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 002

Making some slashes at Hazama (Marius Yo) with an air-sword, Yumi (Minamino Saki) tells us that the suspect’s father has produced a TV show.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 003Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 004

That’s . . . interesting. But as Hazama again slips out of her range, he bumps into the new teacher we saw at the end of the previous episode. I had thought that the new teacher would be a worthy opponent who could eventually set up something interesting for Hazama – perhaps in the finale. No such luck – from what Hazama says in this scene, I gather she was sent by his superiors in the police, perhaps to check out what he’s spending all of his time on.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 006Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 007Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 008Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 009

With Hideyoshi looking less than stellar thanks to the efforts of the culprit . . .

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 010

. . . Hazama’s teacher once again tries to interest him in the case. I’ve finally determined the teacher’s name – Konno Toshifumi (Hamano Kenta). You’ve got to figure that Hazama is totally uninterested this time, though. I mean, Konno will be having him investigate who clogged up a toilet next.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 011Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 012

In this case, Yumi showing up works to Hazama’s detriment, as he has to agree to take the case to keep his teacher from giving away his secret to Yumi.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 014Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 015Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 018Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 019

Hazama has three teachers to confer with now, including the new arrival . . .

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 020Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 021Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 022Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 023

. . . but even though there are quickly some leads, and this is hardly a tense case like the one with the apparition . . .

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 024Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 026Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 027Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 028

. . . he still makes the regular visit to Takamura (Shaku Yumiko). With so little of interest going on, I was hoping that Konno, who is infatuated with Takamura, would walk in on them. Getting jealous of Hazama, he would start plotting against him (don’t ask me how – I just want something different to happen, dammit!). No such luck, though.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 030Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 031Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 032Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 033

At a parent-teacher conference, we discover why Konno wanted Hazama to find some concrete evidence – the culprit’s father is intolerable. They call him a monster parent, but that usually just means a parent who has a distorted view of their kid and who is overbearing on teachers. This guy is just plain obnoxious.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 035Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 036

Hazama confronts them with his case . . .

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 037Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 038Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 039

. . . but the father predictably defends his son.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 040Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 041Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 042

At least it doesn’t become a shouting match between him and Hazama – that would have been awkward to watch. Instead, he wisely picks a bigger and better target.

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 043Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 045Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 046

I have no idea what this is supposed to prove:

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 048Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 049Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 055Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 056

To crack through the suspect’s alibi, Hazama has his usual encounter with a character from Kodomo Keisatsu:

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 058Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 059

It’s Hayashi Maiko (Honda Miyu) this time:

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 060Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 061

Moving on to the robed phase . . . .

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 062Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 063

I hate to say it, but there was nothing about this episode worth watching, if you’ve already seen a couple of the previous episodes – not even something silly like the twin thing from the episode before this (which at least brought out some interesting reactions from the characters).

Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 065Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 067Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 068Kodomo Keishi Ep 06 083

Even worse, there was so little for Hazama to do, Marius-kun’s acting came off as flat, so even those who were watching to see whether this uber-young idol could act didn’t get much to tune-in for.

I really wanted the new teacher to be a more active force opposing Hazama, giving him something real to stress over. Instead, she was entirely a background figure this time. I hope they have a plan for her, and didn’t just throw the actress in there because her agent had a friend in the casting department.

But I’m still curious on that score, so I’ll keep tuning in hoping that even if they stick to the same formula, the writers will at least give Marius-kun a little more to do in the later episodes. We’ll see.