For the past month, and as an ongoing project, I’ve been building an improved alternative (read backup) to this site – J-Everything Archive at The primary motivation was that I already had the hosting account for other purposes and I wanted to make sure I had a functional copy of everything in case disaster struck. I always have the XML backups, but those don’t include the images, and re-uploading those . . . simply isn’t going to happen. There’s also the fact that limits how much you can store for free, so I’m storing the images at anyway.

J-Everything at will still be the main site, and the site where you should comment if you want to. J-Everything Archive will be more experimental – features will appear and disappear from time to time in the months to come, and the look of the site will change as I try new stuff out. Content-wise, articles will be posted on both more-or-less simultaneously (except for this one). Comments from here will be ported there every couple of months.

I think some people might find the alternative easier to read, though, and I’d like to hear what you think about the look. If you have any comments about it, please contribute them to this post. I plan to change the background there from time to time. If there’s anything not quite working right (I messed with the php and wrote the css myself, so there’s bound to be bugs right now, unlike with the pre-built themes), please make a note of it so I can fix it. There’s a lot that can go wrong with this stuff, and it’s still very much beta.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, I know the title and nav bar look different – that’s because IE sucks. It doesn’t support HTML5 gradients properly. Please change to Chrome or Firefox as soon as possible. Hopefully IE10 will be better, but that’s what designers have been saying about every future version of Internet Explorer since IE7.

Maintaining both sites doesn’t take any additional time, so if you’re not curious about what I’m cooking up, feel free to ignore this post completely.