The number one single for last week was Fukuyama Masaharu-san’s  “Tanjoubi niwa Masshiro na Yuri wo/Get the Groove” ( 誕生日には真白な百合を/Get the Groove) which sold 108,911 copies. I’m going to go with “gold is good” on this one.

At number two, “Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu” (この涙を君に捧ぐ) from No Name sold 48,720.

Nothing between #3 and #8 is likely to cross 50,000, which leaves us with . . .

Nogizaka46’s “Kimi ni Na wa Kibou” at #9 with 9,598 copies sold in its fifth week, bringing its total to 290,679.

Right behind them was Takahashi Minami-san. Her “Jane Doe” added 8,991 to give it a two-week total of 94,484. That’s a nice, solid 10%+ second week for her.

Speaking of second weeks, EXILE’s “EXILE PRIDE  ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~” technically had the worst I’ve ever seen, managing just 6,760 new copies sold to bring its total to 572,095. That’s barely 1% of first week sales, and gives us a read on what this single would have sold if not for the freebies. A reasonable estimate would be that the 6,760 would be at least 5% of their normal first week sales (giving some fudge room for the likelihood that some people who would have bought it in week 2 got it for free instead – otherwise I’d use 8%), in which case the upper bound is around 135,000.

At #13, Kis-My-Ft2‘s “Ki•Su•U•Ma•I ~KISS YOUR MIND~ /S.O.S (Smile On Smile)” now boasts a three-week total of 238,721 on its way to platinum.

Arashi‘s “Calling/Breathless” continues to go strong, taking #15 in its sixth week by selling 3,860 more copies to bring its total to 864,631.

“Suki! Suki! Skip!” from HKT48 got #17. Its four-week total is now 268,110.

℃-ute’s “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” was at #21, selling 2,736 copies in its second week for a total of 50,156.

Taking #23, “Choco no Dorei” from SKE48 popped back into the top 30 in week 11. Its grand total is now 661,819.

In its third week, KARA’s “Bye-bye Happy Days” tacked on 2,391 for a total of 74,842.

SMAP‘s “Mistake!/Battery” picked itself back up to #29, passing 200k in its seventh week with a total of 201,348.

In albums, Momoiro Clover Z grabbed both the top spot and #2. The group’s new album “5th Dimension” sold a very strong 180,282 in its first week, showing that their fanbase is very much still growing. The real story, though, was that their other album, “Battle and Romance”, benefited from the coattail effect. It went all the way from #138 to #2, selling 37,594 in its ninetieth week (yes – that’s week 90) to boost its total to 155,957. It’s pretty clear that new fans of the group simply couldn’t do without the first album. The most striking thing is that “Battle and Romance” debuted at #3, so it topped its original peak position this week.

If not for the Momoiro juggernaut, Funky Monkey Babys would have probably taken #1 for a third week in a row. Instead, I’m sure they’re content with the third spot, as “Funky Monkey Babys Last Best” added 33,041 in sales to break platinum. Its total has reached 259,517.

At #6, “The Best Story” from BOΦWY sold an additional 10,987, bringing it to 92,411 in its fourth week.