This episode of Johnnys’ Jr. Land picked up on last week’s challenge – to make clever photographs using false perspective:

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0002012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 001

This time, though, the two teams are going head-to-head with the specialist ready to judge their work and declare the winning side. After that, we’ll also get a Live Stage segment, juniors learning to Riverdance, and the Junilan Pressure Press Club with the focus on Haniuda Amu-kun.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 002

For the photography challenge, the juniors had a certain selection of props to use, and the pink team (Takahashi Saneyasu-kun, Akiba Ryusei-kun, and Yamashita Kazunari-kun) went with the foodstuff.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0032012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0042012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 005

The blue team (Kobayashi Mizuki-kun, Yoshikawa Shizuya-kun, and Okada Aoi-kun) got the fish tank.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0062012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 007

In this episode, we got one of the better features of Johnny’s Jr. Land – host Mogi Junichi-san’s photography. He simply takes the best pictures of the juniors in the middle of their group work (and the screencaps here are just a small selection):

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0092012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0102012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 011

The theme of the blue team’s set of photos was “Friends”.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0132012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 014

The pink team went with “Cat and Mouse”.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0152012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0162012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 017

Which team do you think won?

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 022

The live stage featured A.B.C-Z’s Hashimoto Ryosuke-kun singing “Bonnie Butterfly” with Morimoto Shintaro-kun, Jesse-kun, Tanaka Juri-kun, and a junior whose name I don’t know supporting him.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0232012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0242012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 025

It was a good clean performance, and I’m more of a fan of the dance than the song on this one. I also think Hashimoto-kun’s voice has improved a lot since this, given his recent Shounen Club performance.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0262012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 027

Next up was the Jr World Dancer segment where the juniors had to tackle Riverdancing – extremely rapid formation tap dancing.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0282012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 029

Those participating were Kobayashi Mizuki, Kajiyama Asahi, Tanimura Ryuichi, Wakiyama Rei, Yamashita Kazunari, and Akiba Ryusei.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0302012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 031

Mogi-san went to each of them with the mic, letting them all have a word. The way he does this really exemplifies why he’s such a great host for this show – he seems to be genuinely interested in giving each of the juniors some of the spotlight.

I think Kajiyama-kun does the best job of capitalizing on the time he gets here.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0322012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0332012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 034

Not to say the others don’t make use of their time, though.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0352012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0362012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 038

It’s all hard work, and we watch this knowing that we won’t see the culmination of their efforts for some time – it’s not like the challenges that make up the bulk of the show, where we see the results in two episodes. I think having an extended project like this is good for the show – it sure leaves me wondering whether they’ll get anywhere with this particular skill. No matter what happens, though, they’ll surely get an “A” for effort judging from their sweat.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0392012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0402012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 041

The Junilan Pressure Press Club segment was fifteen minutes long – quite a long time considering all they’re doing is interviewing a single junior.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 042

But it might be well-warranted, because the junior in question is Haniuda Amu-kun, who remains sort of a puzzle to me.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0432012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 044

As in the previous week’s segment, Tanimura Ryuichi, Wakiyama Rei, Takahashi Fuu, Yoshikawa Shizuya, Iwahashi Genki, and a junior unknown to me were the other participants.

There were a lot of questions and many were beyond my translation. Some that caught my interest were one that asked him to brag about something, another that asked about a trip to Bali, and then the obligatory question about his specialty (which was a one-off gag that they asked him to do repeatedly).

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0452012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 046

There were plenty of other questions besides that like who he thought of as his rival within the juniors and what a 2000 yen melon tasted like. In short, if you wanted to get some sense of Haniuda-kun, this was probably as good a shot as you’re going to get unless/until he becomes part of a group on track to debut.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0482012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0492012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 051

Honestly, though, he still puzzles me. He’s got the type of personality that I find totally inscrutable. My failing rather than his.

2012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0532012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 0542012.04.15 Johnnys Jr. Land 055

The show was faster on the front end, and after the live stage slowed down perceptibly so that the tail end of the press club segment actually dragged. I can’t see what they could have changed something to fix it, though.

I really wish they dumped those awful costumes they continue to wear for the Press Club segment, though. Those were holdovers from the first season of JJL, and probably should have been phased out almost immediately. Why a press-gang would look like a chain gang is beyond me – surely the costume department could come up with something marginally more appropriate. They got all the reporters glasses for some reason (I didn’t even realize that was supposed to be a reporter trait).

Other than the pacing and the costumes for the last segment, it was another enjoyable episode. Because of the pace, though, the previous episode was definitely better, so I’ll give this one a 7 out of 10.