The second episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) featured a theme that the Kansai junior hosts were all too familiar with – audition.

As usual, the hosts were the members of Kin Kan (in this episode, Mukai Koji-kun and Kaneuchi Toma-kun) and Naniwa Oji (Nishihata Daigo-kun, Nagase Ren-kun, and Onishi Ryusei-kun).

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0002012.10.10 Maido Jani 0012012.10.10 Maido Jani 0022012.10.10 Maido Jani 004

After their own introductions, they gave their special guest – manzai comedian Hyoudo Daiki-san (兵動 大樹) – his intro.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0052012.10.10 Maido Jani 006

Now, of course, Hyoudo-san had to do comedy auditions for his agency (Yoshimoto, which is to Japanese comedy what Johnny’s is to Japanese male idols), but he also had ties to and has worked with other Kansai Johnny’s like Kanjani8’s Murakami-kun and knows Kotaki Nozomu-kun and Nakama Junta-kun by nicknames. So it’s not as if they’re bringing in some random guest -Hyoudo-san is as well-suited to be on this show as a comedian can get.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0072012.10.10 Maido Jani 0082012.10.10 Maido Jani 0092012.10.10 Maido Jani 010

After they settled in and did a brief chat with Hyoudo-san mentioning a Kotaki-related anecdote . . .

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0112012.10.10 Maido Jani 0122012.10.10 Maido Jani 0132012.10.10 Maido Jani 014

. . . they cut to a VTR of a real Kansai junior audition session from July of 2012, with 700 participants (plus some familiar faces).

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0152012.10.10 Maido Jani 016

First, the hopefuls have to follow dance instruction:

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0172012.10.10 Maido Jani 0182012.10.10 Maido Jani 019

Their future senpai Mukai-kun is scarfing down a burger at this point (as fellow Kin Kan member Kaneuchi-kun will be seen doing later).

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 020

The second phase of the audition is singing (we also see the huge lyric sheets pinned to the wall). Since they’re all singing simultaneously, it’s pretty clear that those making the assessment are disqualifying those who are wildly off rather than trying to pick out brilliant voices at this point, though they might give extra points to those who sing with confidence as flair.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0212012.10.10 Maido Jani 022

You know, like a certain Naniwa Oji member . . . .

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 023

Something tells me looking like this while singing is not going to win high marks:

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0242012.10.10 Maido Jani 025

Of course, those combining good singing and dancing will really be the cream of the crop . . .

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 026

. . . and, like Kaneuchi-kun, deserve a burger.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 027

The third phase of the audition is the special skills section. Here, if there are tremendous singers, dancers, acrobats, or kids with other talents, they can show it off individually. Obviously, anyone who is able to swallow down the nervousness and step forward to show their stuff already has to get some recognition for that.

Sure enough, Onishi-kun shows off his dance skills here:

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0282012.10.10 Maido Jani 0292012.10.10 Maido Jani 030

Helping the tense gathering of hopefuls to relax, Kin Kan show off an even rarer skill (and one guest Hyoudo-san no doubt appreciates) – manzai comedy.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 031

Wielding the camera, Shigeoka Daiki-kun tries to get Nagase Ren-kun to show some special skill, but all they seem to be able to come up with for him is bowling and . . . the results without a ball or pins were lackluster.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0322012.10.10 Maido Jani 033

The top Kansai juniors danced as well, showing what the young auditioners could someday hope to do.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 034

And then some of the kids were asked which senpai they admired – a key moment, because how they come off on-screen is almost as important as the singing and dancing. Aside from Onishi-kun, there was also a kid who answered with Yamapi as is admired senpai who really caught my attention. He totally looked like a young Ninomiya-kun, and during the special skills section, he was the only one we saw singing (and he did an Arashi song).

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0352012.10.10 Maido Jani 036

The VTR was five minutes long, but it was a great look at what junior auditions are like, especially because the pace of the video was quick and everything was well-organized.

The talk after didn’t catch my interest so much, except when Hyoudo-san noted Onishi-kun’s part in the video, and made a joke about Onishi-kun’s age that had all of them cracking up.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0372012.10.10 Maido Jani 0382012.10.10 Maido Jani 0402012.10.10 Maido Jani 0432012.10.10 Maido Jani 045

They talked a bit about Yoshimoto auditions, which are probably different from Johnny’s auditions in pretty much every way.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0462012.10.10 Maido Jani 047

They changed topics very quickly – spending like thirty seconds on a point, then smoothly moving on (usually with Mukai-kun handling the segue, which he’s remarkably good at). With them going so fast, I could tell it was interesting and engaging, but there was no way I could keep up with what they were saying. Ultimately, it’s shows like this, and certain dramas, that make me want to get better at Japanese.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0482012.10.10 Maido Jani 0492012.10.10 Maido Jani 0502012.10.10 Maido Jani 0512012.10.10 Maido Jani 052

A lot of the focus in this episode was on Hyoudo-san , with Mukai-kun asking the guest questions, but the others also chipped in. Nagase Ren-kun is clearly the quiet one. Everyone else spoke up, but really aside from Mukai-kun, the bulk of the participation was from Kaneuchi-kun.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0542012.10.10 Maido Jani 0562012.10.10 Maido Jani 0572012.10.10 Maido Jani 0602012.10.10 Maido Jani 062

They wrapped up the chat . . .

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0642012.10.10 Maido Jani 0652012.10.10 Maido Jani 066

. . . so that the show could end with their performance. Kin Kan and other Kansai juniors kicked things off with “Za ABC ~5 stars~”.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0672012.10.10 Maido Jani 0682012.10.10 Maido Jani 0692012.10.10 Maido Jani 070

Onishi-kun pulled off some moves, then all five cast members performed Kis-My-Ft2’s “WANNA BEEEE!!!”.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0712012.10.10 Maido Jani 0722012.10.10 Maido Jani 0732012.10.10 Maido Jani 074

And finally, Naniwa Oji performed the song we saw all the hopefuls practicing in the audition VTR – Sexy Zone’s “Kimi no Tame, Boku ga Iru”.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0752012.10.10 Maido Jani 0762012.10.10 Maido Jani 077

Kin Kan joined them at the end with some final messages for the viewers.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0782012.10.10 Maido Jani 0802012.10.10 Maido Jani 081

I enjoyed the SHOW TIME more in this episode than in the first one – it seemed rather more polished and at the same time even more energetic.

As for the show itself, the VTR was a no-miss look into the inner workings of Johnny’s and what these kids go through as part of a regular day’s work. As they say, every day is an audition. Hyoudo-san was a fun guest, offering a good balance of humor and engaging discussion. The real stars of this episode were the Kin Kan pair, who did a superb job of keeping things moving (though they also benefited from the fact that Hyoudo-san was used to fast-paced banter, which not all guests are). I’ve seen hosts twice their age do worse, so they certainly proved early on that they deserved their own show and could make it work.