This is the last episode of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅) and, as such, is mostly a look back at highlights from Tackey-san’s journey through Chile and Peru.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0002013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0012013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 002

First, they run through his route from Santiago eleven days ago . . .

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 003

. . . through his crossing into Peru six days ago, and up to his alpaca-fest.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 004

There was a brief Tackey & Tsubasa talk, in which Tackey-san noted the benefits of driving over flying, among other things.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0052013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0062013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0072013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 008

Then the scene returned to Peru, where Tackey-san got ready to depart on his last journey with his trusty rented Jeep.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0092013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0102013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 011

He’s not all that far from Lima, so he must be looking at the map for our benefit rather than his own. The scale of the map doesn’t afford him a good sense of how to navigate within Lima, after all.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0122013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 013

With that, he’s off. He has the sunroof open for this special occasion, so his hair is quite lively.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0142013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0152013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 018

With the goal getting closer . . .

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0192013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 020

. . . they show clips of Tackey-san’s experiences throughout the journey with his commentary. Remember when he started on the first day not realizing that he’d need a tent?

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0222013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0232013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 024

And then the whole wrestling escapade on the 4th day?

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0262013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 027

While there were plenty of good moments that didn’t involve interactions with other people . . .

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0282013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0292013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 031

. . . the best times were always when Tackey-san got to speak to people – especially on the reed islands of Lake Titicaca.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0322013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 033

Machu Picchu is actually sort of boring . . .

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0342013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 035

. . . though anything can seem interesting if Tackey-san himself is excited about it, as we found out with the Nazca Lines.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 036

Tackey-san enters Lima, and aims straight for the beach.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0382013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 039


2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0402013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 041

I’m not sure why he’s so excited to see Lima’s seaside, since he’s mostly hugged the coast all the way. This may be a legacy of the previous Johnny’s Journeys, actually, since all of them involved substantial travel through the centers of countries.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0432013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0442013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 045

Well, the beach it is. I wonder if A.B.C-Z’s Australia trip will end up on a beach, as well, even though they’ll be hugging the coast all the way, too.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0462013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0472013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0482013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 049

Total distance covered? 4886 kilometers (3036 miles) in twelve days.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 050

After that, he gives his Jeep a parting hug:

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 051

During another quick Tackey & Tsubasa wrap-up talk, Tsubasa-san brings up the question of where the two of them could go for a J’s Journey, and the fact that Hey! Say! Jump’s Takaki and Chinen went as a pair. Does Tsubasa-san regret being left behind this time? He also mentions the way the HSJ pair alternated when writing in the diary, largely writing to each other.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0532013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0542013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 055

Speaking of the diary, Tackey-san caps the episode off by summing up the journey in another entry.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0562013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0582013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0592013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 061

After that, they roll a sequence of photos taken along the course of the journey, set to the show’s theme song.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0622013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0632013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0642013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0652013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 0662013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 069

If you’re looking for anything new, I don’t think this episode offered much. It was simply a brief encapsulation of everything that happened – recapping it all in three different ways. I always feel like the Johnny’s Journeys end rather anticlimactically, and wish they arranged to do something special at their destination to celebrate instead of just heading to the beach – especially in this case, where Tackey-san was never too far away from water.

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 072

The series as a whole, of course, was pretty good – just the sheer number of real highlights they were able to show in this episode was a testament to that. There were ways it could have been better, of course. While Tackey-san is amiable and engaging, he’s also pretty low-key, and he only seemed really taxed by the trip on his first night tenting. Otherwise, although the trip must have been long and hard, we never got the sense that it was much of a challenge for him. I think it probably was quite a challenge, but he never let on how tough it was. Contrast this to Kitayama-kun, of course, whose trials and tribulations were both conveyed sharply.

I think we’re going to get a real treat with the next Johnny’s Journey, though. We got a little clip from it at the end of this episode:

2013.03.25 JJ Takki Trip 073

There was some definite energy there, so I’m looking forward to it.