In “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅), Tackey-san is just about ready to wrap up his trip, but there’s one more sight he has to see – the Nazca Lines in Peru.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0012013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0022013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 004

Road conditions on the way are . . . all of the above. It’s clear . . .

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0032013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 005

. . . then starts to get cloudy with visibility dropping to practically zero, with the cold forcing him to don his jacket . . .

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0062013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0082013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0092013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 010

. . . and finally it actually gets hot and he has to take the jacket off again:

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0122013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 013

He starts out higher than Mt. Fuji, then drops to a hill above sea level, with the roads winding their way down. Must have been a fun drive.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0072013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 014

Anyway, he reaches the airport in Nazca without problems and gets a flight to see the lines.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0152013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0162013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 017

There’s actually a whole lot more artwork than he was expecting.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 018

Honestly, in my opinion these lines are the product of phenomenally bored people to give equally bored people in later generations something to occupy their otherwise inactive brains with. But boy, it was great to see Tackey-san so excited.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 019

He went up in a little Cessna, and if he hasn’t flown in a light aircraft before, that alone is reason for excitement.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 020

Then he shouted with giddiness in his voice every time he spotted an image.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0232013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0242013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0252013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0262013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 027

The way he shouted “kumo!” when he saw the spider figure was just the best.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0292013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0302013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0312013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 032

Incidentally, the aircraft they showed landing was not the same one they showed him taking off in, but I guess we can forgive the staff for that.

Tackey-san was totally energized after the flight and looked ready to go without stopping.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0342013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0352013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0362013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 037

He actually considered the possibility of going all the way to Lima that day, and might have tried. However, if he could have made it, I suspect someone pulled him aside and pointed out that it would be no good if he reached Lima at night. Arriving at the destination in daylight is a must.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0382013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 039

Soon enough, he got to enjoy a spectacular sunset:

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0402013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0412013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0422013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 043

And since sunsets always make for good breaks in the action, it was time for another talk between Tackey-san and the man his name will be forever ties to in entertainment history – Tsubasa-san.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 044

The talk this time seemed philosophical – reflecting on the significance of the journey – and it was mostly Tackey-san answering a single question from Tsubasa-san.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0462013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0472013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0482013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 049

That was over very quickly, and as we returned to the journey itself, Tackey-san entered the city of Pisco, with a population of approximately 110,000.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0502013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0512013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0522013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 053

There, he searches for his last dinner on this South Americna trip.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 054

And, being even more of a carnivore than I am (which is hard), he gets tempted by meat being cooked out in the open, where the aroma will attract passers-by.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0552013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0562013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 057

There’s no way I could have resisted this, either:

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 058

As usual, Tackey-san kicks things off by ordering a beer, but the waitress recommends a local special instead. Since his Spanish ran out at cerveza, he goes along with it.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0592013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 060

What she brings for him says “Pisco Puro” at the to and it’s alcohol content is many, many times that of beer (it’s 42% alcohol). Good thing he’s not driving anymore tonight.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0612013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0622013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 063

The locals are clearly watching for his reaction when he drinks it, and a few take the liberty of laughing when it finally hits him:

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 065

The waitress checks whether he’s all right with it, and he reassures her.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0662013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 067

He takes it in like a sport with practically lots of people around looking right at him.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0682013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 069

His meal can only be described as “meat lover’s delight”, but it’s amazingly not the most meat he’s seen on a dish on this trip.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0702013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 071

I had dinner just a short while before watching this, but this was making me feel hungry again.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0722013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0732013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0742013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 075

After eating, and with the alcohol still very much in his system, he decided to join in with the Peruvians who got up to dance once the house band started playing. I’m not exactly sure about the style of dancing, though.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0762013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0772013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0782013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 079

His audience seemed amused. Even at dinner, Tackey-san puts on a good show.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0802013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0812013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0822013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 083

Having more than enough excitement for one night, Tackey-san retreated to his hotel room and did his final journal entry. He just mentioned seeing the Nazca Lines for the first time, the stock statement wondering what sort of message they held, and finally his feelings on ending this trip.

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0842013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0852013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0862013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 087

Next time, we’ll see how the concluding leg of the series turns out. I don’t expect that there’s anything interesting left, but we got more than just lines in the dirt in this one, didn’t we?

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0882013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 0902013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 091

2013.03.18 JJ Takki Trip 093

Tackey-san certainly didn’t miss a chance to do dancing when he could in this series. And why not? It’s one of his specialties, and he managed to put it to work to make everything so much more interesting.

Better than that, though, was his excitement in Nazca which kept that part of the episode interesting. I think others could take notes on the enthusiasm he injected into the scene.

In both parts, the key was that Tackey-san wasn’t overly self-conscious. Over Nazca, he was totally giddy instead of maintaining some artificial sense of coolness, and in the restaurant he didn’t mind the eyes looking on and felt free to perhaps embarrass himself a little. It’s the sort of confidence I hope to see grow in the younger members of Johnny’s.