This is the second-to-last episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん), and therefore the last “regular” episode, since the last episode will naturally be more of a summation. It’s a stereotypical HNA – a share house segment first, and then a mannequin must-item segment after. The guests for the share house segment were Suzuki Honami-san (鈴木保奈美) and Mizuhara Kiko-san (水原希子).

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 000

The hosts were Matsumoto-kun and Ninomiya-kun, and they barely got done noting that they were the pair that started the share house segment less than a year ago – in late April of last year before the doorbell rang.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0022013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0032013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 004

Why these two? After all, for the last share house, shouldn’t the guest/guests have even more name recognition? Well, you see, Suzuki-san and Mizuhara-san are both in Ninomiya-kun’s new movie Platina Data (or Platinum Data), and that movie had its first day in theaters two days after this episode aired. So yeah, that’s why they’re here.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 005

Just in case the viewers don’t know much about them, we get mini-biographies right away:

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0062013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 007

And it quickly becomes obvious why we haven’t seen much of Suzuki-san even though she’s been in the business for a while – she doesn’t do variety show appearances and can’t remember the last time she did one. The little green blurb declares this a precious variety appearance for her because, for all we know, it might be the only one.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 008

After a look at her early work in the 1991 “Tokyo Love Story” . . .

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 009

. . . Ninomiya-kun brings out the drinks. They don’t drink anything yet, though, so there’s no way to tell whether it’s Aiba Tea or not. Surely he wouldn’t do that to his costars, would he? Watch and find out!

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0102013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 011

Suzuki-san (whose married name is Ishibashi – 石橋) has three young daughters – elementary and middle schoolers – and the Arashi pair demands to know who in Arashi those three daughters prefer.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0122013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 013

Suzuki-san doesn’t really want to tell, but eventually succumbs to the necessity. Who do you think her daughters picked? I’ll leave the answer out on this one, too.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 014

Then they talked about their initial impressions of Ninomiya-kun.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0162013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 017

Suzuki-san actually has quite a lot to say on this topic, having developed her opinion of him from Arashi concerts.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0192013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 020

Mizuhara-san doesn’t have much to say, so Suzuki-san moves on to her assessment of MatsuJun.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0212013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 022

Since Mizuhara-san was reluctant to offer an impression of the Arashi members, they give her an easier question – what’s her impression of Suzuki-san?

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 024

Even here, she’s extremely soft-spoken and unable to say much before giggling and covering her face.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0252013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0262013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 027

Since that led to a dead-end, MatsuJun decides to pull out the “Platina Data” – in this case, other information about the guests to discuss written on cards. Of course, it’s also another mention of the movie, which is the main point of this episode.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0282013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 029

I’m not going to go through what they talked about – it’s all trivia to me, and not worth brainspace.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0302013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0312013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 032

And even here, Mizuhara-san had trouble saying much in response to a question about what she’s recently bought. Even MatsuJun poked a little fun at her soft voice, whispering to her at one point.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0372013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0382013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 040

After that, we get a little secret about Ninomiya-kun, but I don’t believe I’m reading this correctly. I think it says he hasn’t bought clothes in 2-3 years, but that can’t be right, can it?

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0452013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 046

Then it was time for food, and they ate . . . bread and avocado.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0492013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0502013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0512013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 052

Getting over that meal quickly enough . . .

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0552013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0562013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 058

. . . they did one last plug of the movie (and MatsuJun threw in a word for his movie coming out in October – no reason not to start mentioning it early!) . . .

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 060

. . . and then took the last photo:

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 061

With that unremarkable share house segment over, it was time for the mannequin must-item segment. The guest competitors against the two Arashi members were VERBAL-san, Yahagi Ken-san of Ogiyahagi, and Shoji Tomoharu-san.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 063

The item they had to include in their outfit was the most dreaded of all (as far as I’m concerned) – a bow tie!

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0642013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0652013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 066

I guess we’re all wondering what sort of crazy coordination VERBAL-san has come up with, but MatsuJun had a surprise for us too – bringing back a Mannequin legend.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0672013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0682013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 073

But the most unpredictable might be Shoji-san. He could have something brilliant, or something wacky and unappealing. I’d say he ended up with half-and-half, but you’ll have to judge for yourself.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0702013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 071

The guest judges for this last mannequin must-item – the store closeout sale, as they called it – were Darenogare Akemi-san (ダレノガレ明美), Yaguchi Mari-san, Maeda Bibari-san, and . . . a wheelchair-riding Nishikawa-sensei!?

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0752013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 076

I had to wonder what happened to Nishikawa-sensei. Of course, she’s the mannequin judge par excellence, so there was no way they were going to do this without her. This might be the first time I’ve seen a talent appear on a Japanese TV show in a wheelchair, though. I hope she just sprained herself and it’s nothing more serious than that.

2013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 0802013.03.14 Himitsu no Arashi 081

Well, there you go – the 64th and last mannequin segment after five years of outfit coordination comedy. Who do you think did the best to work around the bow tie?

I think this was a very standard HNA. It was pretty much perfectly average, which is to say a little bit slower than I would have liked it to be. HNA has long been my least favorite of the three Arashi shows – though let’s face it, it’s got tough competition – though some of its episodes did rise to excellence. We’ll have to see next month whether the new shows the Arashi members are doing will fill the void left by HNA, or if they’ll even manage to collectively surpass this show.

The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi has to go to Matsumoto-kun without a doubt, since he was the real host of the share house segment (with the other three all part of the cast of the movie they were on to promote) and did most of the questioning there. He also had the more noteworthy outfit in the mannequin must-item segment for reasons I must not give away.

Well, the final episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan has already aired and I’ll invite all of you to contribute your closing thoughts on HNA in that review, which I should have out within a week.