The number one single of the past week was “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” (君の名は希望) from Nogizaka46, which sold 242,053 copies to make it the group’s best first week to date. Their growth rate seems to flattening out, though, but they’ll probably level off above the 250k line. It’ll take something fresh from the group to take them to the next level.

Yamashita Tomohisa-kun’s “Que Sera Sera” (怪﹒セラ﹒セラ) took #2, selling 96,961 – tantalizingly close to the gold line. I was expecting gold from Yamapi, but there’s no problem with this result.

Kuwata Keisuke-san’s “Yin Yang/Namida wo Buttobase!!/Oishii Himitsu” (Yin Yang/涙をぶっとばせ!!/おいしい秘密) got the third spot by selling 68,753 copies.

In its second week, Arashi’s “Calling/Breathless” sold 63,137 copies at #4, bringing its total to 819,547. This was pretty much as expected, given the strong first week.

“Fire” from SHINee was at #5 with 48,906, which seems a bit weak for them, but I don’t keep track of their sales.

At #6 and #7 were e-girls’ “CANDY SMILE” and AAA’s “PARTY IT UP”, selling 34,764 and 34,106 respectively.

AKB48’s “So long!” took #13 in its fourth week, adding 7,808 for a total of 1,107,564.

SMAP was at #15, with the three-week total for “Mistake!/Battery” reaching 190,171.

After seven weeks on the charts, SKE48’s “Choco no Dorei” held onto #20 with a grand total of 642,587.

“Sayonara ni Sayonara” from Tegomasu spent its second week at #22, giving it a total of 74,413.

Perfume’s “Mirai no Museum” took #24. Its three-week total is 82,063.

Right behind at #25 was Hikawa Kiyoshi-san with “Shigure no Minato”, which now boasts a five-week total of 65,317.

To round it out for the singles, Kis-My-Ft2‘s “My Resistance – Tashikanamono/Unmei Girl” got #27 and its total is now 363,712.

On the album side, sakanaction’s “sakanaction” got the top spot, selling 82,577 copies in their best chart performance to date.

ONE OK ROCK took #3 in the second week of “Jinsei x Boku =” sales. The album sold 27,878 copies last week to bring its total to 146,742.

“TIME” from Tohoshinki got #6, bringing its total to 261,960.

And at #9, Shonan no Kaze’s “Shonan no Kaze -2023-” added 13,068 for a two-week total of 58,115.