Since  we’ve already passed the Machu Picchu portion of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅) does that mean it’s all going to wind down like Kitayama-kun’s did after Varanasi and the Takaki-Chinen one did after Mont Blanc? Or does Tackey-san have a few tricks up his sleeve left?

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0002013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0012013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 002

This is his tenth day on this trip, and he reunites with his Jeep in the morning, having abandoned it in Cuzco in the last episode because public transport was the only way to get to Machu Picchu. As is his way, he apologizes to the Jeep for that.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0042013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 005

Looking at the map, Tackey-san is struck by how close he is to his goal of Lima. The map used to be daunting, but now his remaining journey is confined to a tiny part of it.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0062013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 007

Before Lima, though, he wants to get a look at the Nazca Lines.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 008

So, off he goes:

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0092013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0102013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 011

The road, which hugs overhanging cliffs, reminds Tackey-san of Indiana Jones, and he starts humming the theme.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0132013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0142013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 015

Continuing through till nightfall, he stops at an inn . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0172013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0182013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 019

. . . carrying a huge bundle of corn. Wait a minute . . . where did those come from?

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 020

They rewind back nine hours to show us what happened.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 021

Tackey-san saw a truck stuck in the mud . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 022

. . . helped by tugging them out of their predicament with the traction of his Jeep (being put to full use for the first time). . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0232013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 024

. . . and was subsequently rewarded with the corn.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 025

That gift turns out to be quite a burden, though, as he keeps dropping them as he tried to get them into the inn (I don’t know why he thought this would be a good idea).

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0262013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0272013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0282013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 029

Anyway, he finally dumps them all on the counter in front of an incredulous woman (who seems to be more a manager than a cook).

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0302013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 031

She just straight-up prepares all of them for him:

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 032

And with that much corn, I hope he’s got more staff around him than we think, because otherwise the food might go to waste.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0332013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0342013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 035

Tackey-san calls for the necessary beer, and for some reason seems awkward about handling the froth. After all the beers he’s had in South America, you’d think he’d have it figured out by now. Or is it because he usually poured it himself? I can’t remember whether he did or not.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0362013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0372013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 038

In probably the best furnished room he’s been in since leaving Santiago, he does his diary entry for the day and recounts the two main encounters – the corn farmers and the woman at the inn.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0392013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0402013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0412013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 042

The next morning, he gets a good look at where he stayed the night and the surrounding scenery.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0432013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0442013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 045

And let me put it bluntly, folks – it’s all alpacas from here to the end. Technically, there’s an interlude between Tackey and Tsubasa . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0462013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 047

. . . but even there the topic of alpacas quickly comes up, leading Tsubasa to quip “Tackey & Alpaca” (instead of Tackey & Tsubasa).

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0492013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 050

So, let’s see Tackey & Alpaca.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0522013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 053

Here’s the first one . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 054

. . . and Tackey-san recalls the alpaca wool sweater he got for Tsubasa-san.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 055

He tries to feel the nearest alpaca, but it’s quite standoffish. It looks at him in the cutest way, and almost as if it’s sizing him up. It doesn’t actually look afraid, but it’s not sure whether to trust him or not, either.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0572013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0582013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 059

It just won’t touch the food when he’s looking at it.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 060

He gets a good photo out of the encounter, though.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 061

Further along, and he continues to drive at elevations higher than anything found in Japan . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0622013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0632013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 065

. . . he sees a whole herd of alpaca.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0662013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0672013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0682013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 069

And this time, he can’t resist trying to approach them.  Unfortunately, they show some unexpected speed whenever he gets near.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0702013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0712013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 072

All that’s left for this episode is to cross the 4000km mark.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0752013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0782013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 079

And as he gets out to take a commemorative photo, he sees more alpaca, and announces his achievement to them.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 080

Naturally, they don’t react at all to his pronouncement.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 081

After a moment of reflection . . .

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0822013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0832013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 0842013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 085

. . . he gets his photo.

2013.03.11 JJ Takki Trip 086

So, it turns out that Machu Picchu wasn’t the peak of this series. Tackey-san pulled out the alpaca card (and who can be bored watching those charming creatures?) and he’s going to go flying over the Nazca Lines in the next episode. Also, the preview revealed some other hijinks.

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the last one, and I think Tackey-san probably did, too. After all, it wasn’t raining, and messing around with animals always beats hugging stones. All indications are that this series will not just fizzle out like the other ones did.