This is an extra-special episode of VS Arashi (VS 嵐) – the one time each year that the members of Arashi reflect on their successes and failures, and the most useless member of the past year has to pay the price. This is MMDA – Most Most Dame (Useless) Arashi:

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0002013.03.07 VS Arashi 001

Yes, it is simply a highlight (and lowlight) episode, but the Arashi members are present and ready to comment on the clips, so it’s not a total repeat. Even if you watched every single VS Arashi in the past year (as I think I have, though I can’t say I remember every detail), there’s enough stuff here that you won’t be bored.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 002

In 2012, Arashi had 21 wins, 15 losses, and 1 tie:

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0032013.03.07 VS Arashi 0042013.03.07 VS Arashi 005

Last year’s MMDA, Sakurai-san, was up first, presenting a VTR compilation of his best moments.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 006

His specialty is, of course, Kicking Sniper . . .

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0072013.03.07 VS Arashi 008

. . . and he talks us through some perfect kicks.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0092013.03.07 VS Arashi 0102013.03.07 VS Arashi 011

In fact, he had 13 perfect kicks last year – more than any other Arashi member. You can see their individual tallies below. I could have sworn MatsuJun did even worse, but then again Aiba-kun did have a lot of spectacular misfires.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0122013.03.07 VS Arashi 0132013.03.07 VS Arashi 014

For Sakurai-san’s fails, the staff started the VTR with this Pinball Runner . . .

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0152013.03.07 VS Arashi 016

. . . where Sakurai-san was a Pinball Walker instead of a Pinball Runner.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0172013.03.07 VS Arashi 018

They didn’t even bother to show detailed clips of all his failures in Cliff Climb – just outright dubbing him horrible at it and moving on.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 019

What they really wanted to show was his bowling skills – or lack thereof:

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0202013.03.07 VS Arashi 0212013.03.07 VS Arashi 0222013.03.07 VS Arashi 023

These guys are smiling now, but what will their reels show?

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0252013.03.07 VS Arashi 026

Next up was Ninomiya-kun. He is, of course, the master of any game that looks vaguely like a video game. For instance, Korokoro Viking, where he’s been in the orange zone nine times and hit the 50 point slot eighteen times – the best record among the Arashi members by far:

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 027

And what about Bound Hockey? Nino-kun was a goal-scoring wizard there, too.

2013.03.07 VS Arashi 0282013.03.07 VS Arashi 029

But when we think of Nino-kun’s role in VS Arashi last year, surely we have to mention his role as fashion leader.