This episode of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅) might be the best Johnny’s Journey episode I’ve seen so far. Tackey-san only recently crossed the border between Chile and Peru on his way from Santiago to Lima, and spent the last episode climbing to new heights.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 000

On the bank of Lake Titicaca now, he looks at what his guide has to say about the city he’s in – Puno – and finds that there are artificial islands made of reeds (totora) in the middle of the lake.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0012013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0042013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 006

It’s a huge and deep lake, so there’s plenty of room for many such island communities.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 003

Tackey-san looks out over the lake . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 002

. . . and a boat owner who is rounding up potential passengers practically pushes him on board.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 005

Off he goes . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 008

. . . and he notes that the two passengers sitting next to him must be island dwellers, since their clothing is different from that of the regular residents of Puno.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 011

Once the boat’s acceleration gets steady, Tackey-san takes the opportunity to get a better view.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 012 2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 009

And this is what he sees:

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0102013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 016

The islands are pretty close to being rafts – they only go a few meters deep. Venturing out onto the lake, he quickly finds himself surrounded by totora islands.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 018

When he disembarks, he immediately notes that the island’s surface is like a mat.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 013

He passes through the village gateway . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 014

. . . still marveling at the feel of the ground.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 023

As he approaches the some boat builders, he’s greeted by the village chief (村長 – sonchou).

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0252013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 027

And also by a girl encouraged to shake his hand. Naturally, Tackey-san’s response after greeting her is “kawaii.”

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 017

The village chief invites Tackey-san into his home.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 031

After telling him that five children stay in this house, the woman who is apparently the chief’s wife asks Tackey-san if he’s married.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0362013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 019

Tackey-san reveals that he is single (独身 – dokushin), and her smile broadens as she says that there are lots of unmarried women on this island (hint, hint).

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0202013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 037

And to some degree, this really shows that humans are pretty much the same everywhere, I think. At least, from my own experience, I was totally expecting these particular lines, and was grinning with familiarity when she said them. Once I got what “dokushin” meant, figuring out the rest was easy.

The chief then takes Tackey-san on one of their more magnificent ships, called a barsa.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0222013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 024

At first, Tackey-san is seated in the children’s section.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0422013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0262013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 028

But then the chief decides to upgrade him. And by that, I mean put him to work:

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0292013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 032

This doesn’t last very long, as Tackey-san soon tires and gives up.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0332013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 045

So, it’s back to the kid section with him. He learns the names of his fellow passengers . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0462013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 035

. . . and they get “Tackey” easily. He’s surprised that they get it so easily, so they explain that his name is like their word for footsteps/stomping. That leads him to have some stomping fun with them – the narrator calls it a new Tackey gag.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 047

Anyway, they’re such an adorable bunch of kids that naturally they have to take a cute picture:

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 051

Back on the island, he discovers that they cook food on hot rocks:

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0392013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 040

It takes about thirty minutes from the description at the bottom. Maybe longer than it would be over an open flame, but doubtless safer considering they’re living on reeds. That’s not to say they don’t use fire, though – they have clay ovens with fires inside over which they cook flatbread, for instance.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0412013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0542013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 055

This is surely the most interesting meal Tackey-san has enjoyed on this trip, and the conversation over lunch is interesting, too. At one point, Tackey-san said “cerveza”, implying that the food would go well with a beer and deftly making his meal companions laugh with one of the few Spanish words he knows.  Unfortunately, most of the conversation was out of the my translation comfort zone.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0482013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0612013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0622013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 063

At one point, he asked the woman to his right how old she was. When she answered seventy-five years old, he replied “wakai!” (若い – young)

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0532013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0642013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0652013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 066

This meal was probably the most substantial interaction Tackey-san had with locals on this trip, and was akin to the time Takaki-kun and Chinen-kun spent on the farm in Riom while in France (the best part of that Johnny’s Journey). However, I think it’s fair to say that this experience was far more unique.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0682013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0692013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 070

As he parted, they continued waving to him until he was genuinely out of sight.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0572013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0712013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0722013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 073

Back on shore with his Jeep “Ouji” (Prince), Tackey-san has to figure out the rest of his route to Cuzco, and he continues his way to Machu Picchu.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0742013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0752013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0762013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 077

The ride starts out fine . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 079

. . . but then the clouds close in . . .

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 078


. . . and soon he finds himself in the middle of a storm.

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 0602013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 080

Not only that – a hailstorm. Is it alright to try to climb mountains in this kind of weather?

2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 081 2013.02.25 JJ Takki Trip 082

Well, we’ll have to watch next week’s episode to find out.

There was no Tackey-Tsubasa talk in this episode for obvious reasons. As usual, that segment was dropped for the best reason possible – there was too much actual content to get through in the episode, and they really didn’t need the filler.

I think Tackey-san was particularly charming in this half-hour, but that was thanks entirely to the welcoming attitude of the island dwellers. By being so hospitable and excited to see him, they gave him the opportunity to have truly memorable interactions with them. The rest was simply Tackey being Tackey.

This episode bodes well for the future of the Johnny’s Journey sequence. It’s pretty clear that they identified the best episode in the Takaki-Chinen trip, and found a good way to do something similar but better here. Perhaps the goal with the A.B.C-Z trip through Australia is to just do episodes like this, by making them work with locals. At least, there’s a strong sense that they’ve figured out what works.