The past week’s number one single was AKB48‘s “So long!”, with 1,035,986 copies sold in its first week. At this rate, they might be saying “so long!” to those seven-digit first week sales. Let’s see if they get a second wind and figure out how to revive the brand.

E-girls were at number two, with “The Never Ending Story” selling 40,055 copies.

At #4 was Kis-My-Ft2’s “My Resistance -Tashikana Mono-/Unmei Girl”, adding 27,063 in its second week for a total of 343,376. This is a bit weak, but it comes on the back of spectacular first week sales.

SKE48’s “Choco no Dorei” was at #8 in its fourth week, tacking on 18,600 to bring its total to 623,986. It would be stunning to see a crossover, with this single holding stronger in the standings than “So long!” in the long run. That’s highly improbable, though.

For a little taste of enka, we’ve got Hikawa Kiyoshi-san at #13. His “Shigure no Minami” has sold 53,096 over two weeks.

Kashiwagi Yuki-san got #16 as “Short Cake” topped 121,352 copies sold in three weeks.

Right behind her, “Animals” by Generations from EXILE TRIBE now has a four-week total of 83,100.

KAT-TUN‘s “Expose” took #23 in its third week, reaching a total of 168,973 copies sold.

In albums, MISIA‘s “Super Best Records -15th Celebration-” got the top spot, selling 64,679 copies.

Behind her, “Oh! My! Goodness!” from V6 sold 53,730 copies.

One Direction stayed in the top 10, taking #8 with sales of “Take Me Home” just short of 200k – boasting a fifteen-week total of 199,820.