In episode five of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅), the intrepid traveler passed the 2000 km mark, and then traveled a bit more before camping for the night.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0032013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 001

Since he set camp in the dark, he didn’t get a good look at his surroundings, so the morning held a few surprises for him. His first revelation is that it’s already hot.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 004

He walks around the place, trying to figure out what it is and if anyone’s around.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 005

Yesterday in the dark, he thought this was some kind of hotel, but there’s absolutely nobody there and the place looks like it’s in severe disrepair.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 006

The interior of this place looks like a school, with benches in rows for students and many classrooms:

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 007

Tackey-san eventually spots two men and asks them about the place. One of them answers that it used to be a mining town (I guess this is part of the same mineral-rich region that the huge copper mine he visited in the last episode was in). As you might expect, the mine was exhausted so people just up and left to the next mining site.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 008

The guy says it’s a World Heritage site (世界遺産 – sekaiisan), but it’s a truly dismal one. It’s the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works in Chile. I’ll refer you to the Wikipedia article here for details on why it’s considered a World Heritage site.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 009

Impressed more by the fact that he accidentally slept at a World Heritage site than the site itself, he decides to move on. It’s time to enter Peru.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0102013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0112013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 012

The scenery is still decidedly arid, but the canyons get quite spectacular.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0132013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 014

The next bit of fun, though, comes when Tackey-san reaches the town of Arica and puts in for gas and a clean-up.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0152013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0162013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 017

Seeing someone else doing a self-serve car wash, Tackey-san decides to give it a try. It’s quite funny not only because of the way he talks to his jeep, but also because there’s a time limit so he has to hurry to get his money’s worth.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0182013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0192013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0202013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 021

After a surprisingly careful wipe-down considering it’s a rental . . .

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 022


. . . he gets back on the road with a sparkling car.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0232013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 024

Seeing a beach, he can’t resist a detour. The word for this episode is 気持ちいい (kimochi ii – feels/feeling good). Tackey-san says it over and over in the car washing and beach scene.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0252013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0262013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 027

He keeps to himself at the beach, though, and after enjoying the waves, breeze, and sand for a bit . . .

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 028


. . . his attention soon turns to surrounding attractions. There seems to be a dance performance going on (I assume it’s a performance since they’re all wearing the same costumes):

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0292013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0302013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 031

We leave him just as he’s pulled into it by one of the women performing.

This episode’s Tackey-Tsubasa talk is again about inside stuff rather than the trip. I think it was about their first impressions of each other.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0322013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0332013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0342013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 035

Back to the dancing, just in case you thought that the whole thing with the girl pulling him into it was a set-up, the dancers quickly pulled others from the crowd into it, too, so it’s apparently a thing that they do. That said, I think Tackey-san must have been a special target.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 036


It was fun to watch, especially with Tackey-san protesting a bit at the start and then finally getting into the swing of it.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 037


Must have been hard on his bare feet, though:

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 038


This calls for a photo:

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 039

With that, it was finally time for him to leave Chile.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 040


The border between Chile and Peru is indistinguishable from peaceful border crossings around the world.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 041


And the border control agents always have their questions. Unfortunately, Tackey-san can’t speak Spanish, nor English.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 042


Well, maybe fortunately, since the agent says “well, it can’t be helped” (仕方がない) and lets him through without any further fuss.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 043

I’m sure the cameraman and translator will have a more difficult time, though.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0442013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 045


It’s night when he finally crosses into Peru.

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 0462013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 047

And that’s that for this episode. Tackey-san looks happy as he nears his first Peruvian town, doesn’t he?

2013.02.11 JJ Takki Trip 048

So, thanks to a car wash and some dancing, this episode felt like a very good contribution to the series. The border crossing appeared rather less eventful and stressful than it probably actually was. I wonder what he was up to in the hour/hours between when he talked to the border agent and when he finally crossed into Peru. Duty-free shopping?

It looks like Peru will get equal time in this series, which is good. I wonder if he’ll accidentally end up in any other World Heritage sites?