I’m pleased to finally bring you the fourth episode of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅). Logistical delays prevented me from getting the correct file (one with enough quality for the screencaps) until yesterday. Anyway, let’s continue following Tackey-san on his trip from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Peru.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0002013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 001

When we last left him, he had encountered a pack of Chilean pro wrestlers, who had amiably invited him over to their table for a beer.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0042013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0022013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0052013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 006

As he went to bed late that night, his adventures in wrestling were far from over.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0072013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 008

The next day, he visited their abandoned warehouse training site. They could not have found a more disreputable looking place to set up shop.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0092013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0102013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 011

They don’t take long before inviting Tackey-san into the ring. Will they go easy on him, or is he in serious peril?

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0132013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 014


First, they treated us to tumbling practice. The wrestlers demonstrated various moves, and Tackey-san showed what he could and could not do in this critical aspect of pro wrestling.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0152013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0162013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 017

Then the man himself arrived:

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 018


In spite of his fitness, Tackey-san was not at all ready to engage his formidable foe.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0192013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0202013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 021

This was a bit disappointing, since they had all been pretty obliging and I’m sure the other guy would have let Tackey-san take him down. That said, I understand the hesitation completely.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0222013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 023


How will this fight turn out? I think I’ll leave that out to ensure you have a reason to watch. It wasn’t a spectacular result, but interesting nonetheless.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0252013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 027

Tackey-san thanked them for the experience afterwards:

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0282013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0292013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 030


Planning the next leg of his journey . . .

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 031

. . . he saw it would take him through part of the Atacama desert – the driest place on Earth. It’s where a science-fiction film with a decent budget would go to shoot the Mars scenes.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0322013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0342013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0352013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 036

The road itself was no trouble, though – it just keeps stretching forward.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0372013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0382013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 039

As the landscape goes stark white, Tackey-san decided to step out to check what the stuff was.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0402013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0412013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0422013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 043

Actually, he must have known already from reading the guidebook, because not only does he touch and smell the stuff, he goes so far as to taste it. It is, of course, salt.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0442013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0452013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 046


After that brief stop, he journeyed on with a clear-sky sunset in the background.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0472013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0482013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0492013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 050

He’s covered more than a third of the full distance now . . .

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 051

. . . and we turn to a debriefing segment with Imai Tsubasa-san.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0522013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 053


Tsubasa-san had learned some Spanish for, and from, his trip to Spain, and the topic moved to the Spanish Tackey-san used on his trip. Unsurprising, given what we’ve seen so far, the word he most often used was cerveza (セルベッサ – beer). I’ll need to pick up the subtitled version from takki.us to really understand everything they said, though.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0552013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0562013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 057

Focusing back on the trip, it’s time for Tackey-san to pack it in for the night.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0582013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 059

He reaches San Pedro de Atacama – a town of 3300.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0602013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 061


He quickly finds a restaurant . . .

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0622013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 063

. . . and guess what he orders first:

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0642013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 065


The barbecue meat dish he gets is mountainous:

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0662013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 067

It’s a full kilogram at around $37. I wouldn’t call it cheap, but I guess he really needs to fill up after all the hard traveling. With no budget issues, why not?

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0682013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0692013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 070


In the hotel that night, he has to do the diary entry for the day.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 071

There was a pretty unambiguous main event at the top of the show . . .

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 072


. . . and things got drier after that.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 0732013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 074


As he takes a well-deserved rest, we can wonder to what degree the meeting between him and pro wrestlers in the bar had been engineered ahead of time, but even if it was, that just shows good preparation – something that is good to see considering the alternative.

2013.01.28 JJ Takki Trip 075

On the other hand, there’s a plausible chance that the encounter really was purely by chance. In that case, Chile is really working out well as for Tackey-san, offering a lot of opportunities to make the show interesting.

This episode was fairly front-loaded. I was wondering whether he’d take his Jeep for a little off-roading at the Atacama desert, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. When he picked the Jeep, I was sort of hoping that he would need it, but the trip so far hasn’t really required something that sturdy.

So, strong start and weak finish to this one. Let’s see what Tackey-san has to face next time. That’s the February 4th episode, and I’ll have that file lined up in a couple of days, so expect the next review sooner rather than later.