The number one single for the past week was “Choco no Dorei” (チョコの奴隷 – Slave of Chocolate) from SKE48, which sold 538,914 copies in its first week. That’s an improvement of more than 25k over the first week of their best single so far (which was not coincidentally their previous single).

“ANIMAL” by Generations from EXILE TRIBE took the second spot selling 72,226.

Nogizaka46’s “Seifuku no Mannequin popped back up to #7 in its seventh week, adding 10,371 to bring its total to 290,569.

Golden Bombers’ “Dance My Generation” continues to go strong, taking #9 for a five-week total of 162,071.

At #10 was “Music” from Sakanaction, tacking on 7,707 in week two for a total of 42,772.

Also in its second week, “Help me!!” by Morning Musume got the #12 slot, breaking gold with 100,198 copies sold.

Sako Tomohisa-kun’s “Bokutachi no Uta” held #17 selling 4,844.

“Miss you/Hohoemi no Saku Basho” from AAA sold 4,008 to take #19, giving it a two-week total of 43,839.

Super Junior-K.R.Y.’s “Promise You” managed #21 in week two. Its total is now 72,855.

No Sleeves’ “Kirigirisu Jin” ended up with a #23 week three, bringing its total to 74,115.

At #24, Yamada Ryosuke-kun added 3,591 to the totals for “Mystery Virgin” for a four-week total of 213,973.

“Catch Me – If you wanna -” from Tohoshinki stayed in the top 30, getting #26 to increase its running total to 150,472.

Rounding out the singles, AKB48’s “UZA” snuck in at #28, which was good enough for 3,171 more sales, taking its grand total to 1,249,322.

The albums were remarkably uninteresting this time.

Nakashima Mika-san took the top spot with”REAL” selling 49,098 copies.

At #2, One Direction‘s “Take Me Home” continued its surge, adding 22,388 for a total of 156,382 after twelve weeks.

Bruno Mars’ “Unorthodox Jukebox” is also in the middle of a boom, gaining 18,156 in its eight week to take #5. Its total is 84,891, and it now looks poised to break gold.