The number one single this week was “Help Me!!” from Morning Musume, selling 93,286. It should see gold (100,000) next week.

“Promise You” from Super Junior-K.R.Y. came in at #2 with 69,067 copies sold.

AAA’s “Miss you/Hohoemi no Saku Basho” took #3 with 39,831.

At #4 was Sakanaction‘s “Music”, selling 35,065 in its first week.

Five IDOLM@STER releases pushed down everything else (I hate when this happens), to the ranks from here down are a bit lower than they normally would have been.

Tohoshinki‘s “Catch Me – If you wanna -” took #11, selling 9,990 in week two, bringing its total to 147,018.

Yamada Ryosuke-kun’s “Mystery Virgin” was at #14 in its third week, adding 7,928 for a total of 210,382.

“Kirigirisu Jin” from No Sleeves was right behind, selling 7,719 for a two-week total of 70,509.

And at #16, Golden Bombers continued to go strong, with “Dance My Generation” now totaling 153,741 in sales over four weeks.

Over thirteen weeks (a full season), AKB48’s “UZA” has held onto a top 30 position, but it might be nearing the end of its stay, now at #28 with a total of 1,246,151 copies sold. Right behind at #29 was “Eien Pressure” from the group, in only its eighth week and totaling 1,188,979 in sales.

The album top 10 was a bit more interesting, and for a completely unexpected reason.

The top two albums were completely as-expected: GLAY‘s “JUSTICE” and “GUILTY”, selling 57,224 and 56,627 copies respectively.

For surprises (at least, for me) we have to look at #3, 6, and 10.

One Direction‘s “Take Me Home” actually went up a notch from last week, doubling last week’s sales with 35,209 copies sold in week 11 for a total of 133,994. We all know Japan isn’t a stranger to boy groups, so I guess the real mystery is why One Direction didn’t make a push in Japan earlier.

And now, at #6, One Direction’s other album – “Up All Night” – is making gains. Released for 39 weeks, it’s gaining traction now with 16,378 copies sold last week for a total of 129,416.

But what really got to me was a totally unexpected collateral benefit – Taylor Swift’s “Red” taking #10, adding 9,811 in its fourteenth week for a total of 162,343.

So, for the first time while I’ve been keeping track of it, we have English albums being the dominant story in the Japanese album top 10.