With Piece in its second to last episode, it’s about time that Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) and Hiro (Nakayama Yuma) meet. We’ve had episodes of build-up to this, so there’s no mistaking it – this is the climax of the series. Enjoy!

At the end of episode 11, the two of them passed each other by chance, and we left them in mid-stride. Before we go back to that scene to see what happened, we get a little flashback into Hiro’s past.

Piece Ep 12 001Piece Ep 12 003

And we see Origuchi (Mizuno Erina), the center of this mystery, admiring his paintings.

Piece Ep 12 004Piece Ep 12 005Piece Ep 12 006Piece Ep 12 007

And he still has a painting of her:

Piece Ep 12 009

Anyway, back to the present, and that chance encounter.

Piece Ep 12 010

In sort of a comical way, they actually pass each other, then Mizuho turns back.

Piece Ep 12 011

She grabs him, perhaps first thinking that it’s Hikaru, but he flinches away violently. Turns out Hiro really doesn’t like contact with girls, like his mother said.

Piece Ep 12 012Piece Ep 12 013

She makes another mistake when she mentions Hikaru – he looks like he’s about to run away when he hears the name.

Piece Ep 12 014Piece Ep 12 015

But just as he tries to get away, he shouts out the right name to get his attention with:

Piece Ep 12 016

Cue yet another flashback. This time, we see him pulling away when she gets too close to him. He then has to reassure him that it’s not because he dislikes her.

Piece Ep 12 017Piece Ep 12 018Piece Ep 12 019Piece Ep 12 020

She then makes some promises:

Piece Ep 12 021Piece Ep 12 022Piece Ep 12 023Piece Ep 12 024

Turns out she doesn’t quite manage to keep that promise to accept everything about him once she finds out his secret.

Before we get to that, though, we find out that she had been looking for someone – Sakata Kouji. You know, the guy who plagues Remi’s memories.

Piece Ep 12 025Piece Ep 12 027Piece Ep 12 028Piece Ep 12 029

Hiro says Origuchi was helping a friend find Sakata. I guess this must have been a real friend – you know, more than Mizuho, who just loaned Origuchi a handkerchief.

Piece Ep 12 031Piece Ep 12 032Piece Ep 12 033

Then, finally, we get the revelation of the secret. Actually, for now, we just see what happens after Hiro tells Origuchi, but you know what it’s all about by now, right?

Piece Ep 12 035Piece Ep 12 036

Origuchi, as it turns out, did not accept this side to him.

Piece Ep 12 037Piece Ep 12 038Piece Ep 12 039

Then came the question that Mizuho would have probably wanted to avoid:

Piece Ep 12 040Piece Ep 12 041Piece Ep 12 042Piece Ep 12 043

As you might expect, he doesn’t react well to the news of Origuchi’s death. Kudos to Mizuho for chasing after him all the way home, though.

Piece Ep 12 044Piece Ep 12 045Piece Ep 12 046Piece Ep 12 047

They continue talking at his house, and the flashbacks continue to be interspersed with the narrative.

Piece Ep 12 050Piece Ep 12 051Piece Ep 12 053

And yeah, finally he tells Mizuho what he was the one who attacked Maruo, and that Hikaru was just covering up for him.

Piece Ep 12 055Piece Ep 12 056Piece Ep 12 057Piece Ep 12 058Piece Ep 12 059

Okay . . . so that’s everything, right? Well, we have all the pieces of the puzzle now, surely.

Piece Ep 12 060Piece Ep 12 061Piece Ep 12 062Piece Ep 12 063

Hiro wants to burn his memories away:

Piece Ep 12 065Piece Ep 12 066Piece Ep 12 068Piece Ep 12 069

Time for the other players to arrive so we can get this whole matter settled.

Piece Ep 12 070Piece Ep 12 071Piece Ep 12 072

Yanai, thinking that Hiro made Origuchi pregnant, goes at the artist in a fury.

Piece Ep 12 073Piece Ep 12 074

But even though Hiro was undoubtedly Origuchi’s boyfriend, he also quite clearly still has trouble coming into contact with the opposite sex. So what gives? Who made Origuchi pregnant?

Piece Ep 12 075Piece Ep 12 076

This was a laborious episode, but we finally got to the essence of the mystery. All the information is in – could you figure out what happened based on what we already know before the final reveal? It all gets unraveled at the end of this episode, continuing into the beginning of the next, so make sure you give it your best shot before watching.

I sure didn’t figure it out, though the second the words came out it made perfect sense. Turns out a mystery surrounding a pregnancy is a lot different than a mystery involving a murder in one very particular respect, and I failed to keep that difference in mind when I tried to put it all together.

Nakayama Yuma-kun certainly did a wonderful job with Hikaru and Hiro – two characters that are similar in appearance, very different in their outward character, but who are perhaps similar again on the inside.

I get the feeling, though, that I’m not going to get what I wanted most out of the last episode – a bit of vengeance against their unethical and haughty mother. Given the way this episode ended, there’s just not enough room for that. Could we have a special where they take her to court or something?