Most dramas had their sophomore slump this week. Among the dramas I’m keeping track of, that meant Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techo, Last Hope, Nakuna, Hara-chan, and Share House no Koibito all dropped two percent, give or take. With the first episode curiosity worn off, these second episode numbers are more like what we can expect for the rest of the season. And . . . well, it doesn’t look like people are very interested in dramas this season, does it?

The clear hit for the season is a drama I’m not keeping track of – Tonbi. It’s got Sato Takeru-kun in it, which is probably the only plus. Otherwise, it’s a family drama, and I seem to be allergic to those – they make me fall asleep. Anyway, it’s three percent ahead of anything else, with the closest competitor Biblia needing to post 16% or 17% marks to catch up.

TokyoHive provides a more complete listing of dramas and their ratings, as well as the context of their time slot and the other shows competing with them, twice every week. The most recent of those articles is available here.

Prime Time Shows

Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techo – (01) 14.3%, (02) 12.2%

Last Hope – (01) 14.2%, (02) 11.9%

Nakuna, Hara-chan – (01) 12.9%, (02) 10.3%

Share House no Koibito – (01) 11.6%, (02) 9.6%

Nobunaga no Chef – (01) 11.6%, (02) 9.9%, (03) 10.1%

Karamazov no Kyoudai – (01) 7.4%, (02) 7.3%, (03) 8.5%

Late Night Shows

Shinryochu -in the Room- – (01) 3.1%, (02) 2.7%, (03) 2.5%

Kodomo Keishi – (01) 1.7%

So, among the prime time dramas, I’ve gotten started on the reviews for Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techo and Nobunaga no Chef, and plan to post the first episode review for Last Hope either today or tomorrow. All of them look like they’re holding double-digits, though it’s a close call for Nobunaga no Chef. That’s not bad, though, since it has the most challenging premise of the three. If there’s two genres that Japanese viewers have shown an appetite for, it’s mysteries and medical dramas. In that context, the numbers for Biblia and Last Hope are a bit underwhelming.

Nakuna, Hara-chan is doing a good job staying in the pack so far.

I’ll hold off on any judgment on Share House no Koibito for now.

Interesting tick up in Karamazov no Kyoudai. That always looks good.

Despite its dark material, Shinryochu is doing better than Piece so far. Part of that is probably due to Inagaki Goro-san’s drawing power, but perhaps it’s also because his character, unlike Nakayama Yuma-kun’s, isn’t the source of the darkness.

The first episode for Kodomo Keishi is weaker than that for Kodomo Keisatsu, but on its second episode Kodomo Keisatsu fell to 1.4%, so we’ll see whether Kodomo Keishi holds on better than that. For now, I’m rooting for it, but my opinion may change depending on what they do with episode two.